​​Affirmative Action Program

​UW-Stevens Point's affirmative action hiring practices aim to recruit a diverse pool of applicants for every job vacancy and to remove all forms of bias (intentional and unintentional) from the evaluation of applicants to ensure that no individual receives advantage or disadvantage based upon a protected status.

Below are UW-Stevens Point's official Affirmative Action Programs (AAP) narratives. A printed edition of each year's report is available in the Human Resource office, Room 133 Old Main. To protect employee confidential data, UWSP will no longer post the complete AAPs as of 2019. Instead, the most relevant aspects of the AAP will be posted. Official AAPs are kept for 3 years.

Affirmative Action Program Summary 2019

2018 Women and Minorities AAP

2018 Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities AAP

Additional diversity information on faculty and staff at UWSP and within UWS

Faculty and Staff Accountability Dashboard

Are you a UWSP Employee?

Please help us ensure your information in our employee database (HRS) is accurate!

Annually, UW-Stevens Point reports certain demographic information (gender, ethnicity, disability, and veteran status) to comply with federal Affirmative Action regulations. The information is also used to inform workforce equity and diversity initiatives and programs. The information is treated as confidential employee information and not subject to public record. Information is used or provided in such a manner an individual’s self-identification is not disclosed.

What you can do: Take a few moments to review (and update) your demographic information within My UW. For complete instructions on how to review and update your demographic information see the Update Personal Diversity Information Job Aid.

Submission of this information is voluntary and there is no penalty of any kind if you choose not to provide it. Please note that if you have not provided and choose not to provide your gender and ethnicity, UWSP HR representatives are required to assess your gender and ethnicity based on your appearance for affirmative action requirements. We would prefer not to do this for a variety of reasons. If you have any issues with updating your information, please contact us at hr@uwsp.edu.