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​Working in College

Many students work while they are at UWSP. A recent survey shows that students who work ten to fifteen hours per week actually do better academically than those who do not work at all. Work experience allows you to discover your strengths, try out career options and build a resume during your time as a student. The Campus Activities and Student Engagement (CASE) at UWSP is the best place to start when searching for both on- or off-campus jobs (including work-study positions). Students working on campus and in the larger community are key to the vitality of Stevens Point, and the local area.

Federal Work-Study Program

Federal ​Work-Study provides ​​part-time ​jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need. To receive funds​​, students must be ​​awarded ​​work-study​​ as part of their financial aid package and secure a job. ​Students may reduce the amount of work study offered in their accesSPoint if less work is anticipated. Note: unlike other employment, earnings from Federal work-study jobs are disregarded when determining future financial aid eligibility.

These funds are earned throughout the year by working a part time job for any UWSP department or approved community nonprofit organization to help pay for college costs. Wages earned are paid via direct deposit.

Finding Jobs

Not all jobs on campus require federal work-study. UW-Stevens Point is fortunate to have our Campus Activities and Student Engagement (CASE) office assisting students in their part-time job search. Located in the Dreyfus University Center, this office has a dedicated staff who network with employers all over campus and within the community always looking for employment opportunities for students here at the UW-Stevens Point.

Stevens Point Community

Some of the most interesting work can be found in the community. The CASE office participates in the Federal Job Locator and Development program; this means employment opportunities are generated in the local marketplace. A variety of options are available: working at a local major industry, doing personal assistance with retired faculty members or working with a local community resident​ just to name a few. Job openings are posted at the CASE office, where students can register for the kind of work they would like, so that when a new position opens up they can be contacted. To learn more, visit Campus Activities and Student Engagement (CASE) website.

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