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Aid Adjustments and Outside Awards

Awards, such as a scholarship from a church, corporation or fraternal organization can be very helpful in defraying some of the costs of college. These outside resources may affect the amount of aid the student receives from the school, but they are typically considered as a replacement for the least desirable form of assistance.
If the outside resource (scholarship, grant, etc.) has been reported to our office prior to the creation of a financial aid offer, it will normally be taken into account when the financial aid offer is made. In this situation, the outside resource will be named on the award letter; that way the student knows that the aid has already been adjusted to account for the outside award. Students who receive a financial aid offer that does not show a known outside resource should report the outside resource to our office immediately.
If the financial aid offer from UW-Stevens Point is made without knowledge of the outside resource, an adjustment of the financial aid will be made as soon as it is reported to the Office of Financial Aid and Veteran Services and a financial aid adjustment may be needed.​
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