What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is used to define successful completion of coursework to maintain eligibility for financial aid.  Federal regulations require UWSP to establish, publish and apply standards to monitor your progress toward completion of your degree program.  If you fail to meet these standards, your eligibility for financial aid will be impacted.  Three components of SAP include a cumulative GPA of 2.0 for undergraduate students and a 3.0 for graduate students, the successful completion of at least 67% of credits attempted and maximum time frame of 150% of the university’s completion length.

 When is SAP Calculated?

SAP will be calculated at the end of each term (summer/fall/spring).

 What is a Financial Aid Warning status?

You will be placed on Financial Aid Warning for one term (defined as summer, fall or spring) if you fail to meet the required cumulative grade point average, pace standard , and/or exceed the maximum time frame of the University's length of your educational program.  While on Financial Aid warning, you may still receive financial aid.  To be removed from Financial Aid Warning, you must attain the required cumulative GPA and/or credit completion standards (67%) by the end of your warning period.  If you fail to do so, your financial aid eligibility will be suspended until you are again meeting the standards of SAP.

 What is a Financial Aid Suspension status?

If you do not attain the required cumulative GPA and/or credit completion standard during your warning period, or exceed your maximum timeframe of 150% of the published degree credits required to complete your program, you will be placed on financial aid suspension.  While on suspension, you are not eligible for financial aid.  You may attend UWSP, at your own expense, until you attain the required cumulative GPA and pace requirement.  To regain financial aid eligibility, your records must reflect that you have met these standards.  If you failed to meet these standards due to unusual circumstances, you may appeal your SAP suspension status.

 What grade point must I maintain in order to keep financial aid eligibility?

All undergraduate students receiving financial aid must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and all graduate students must maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.  All coursework transferred in is considered into this cumulative GPA.

 How do I determine what GPA I need to earn for the semester in order to meet the cumulative GPA requirement?

You may access the GPA calculator at at the Office of the Registrar's website to calculate the GPA required to meet the cumulative GPA standards for financial aid eligibility.  Your Degree Progress Report (DPR) may be accessed at the Office of the Registrar’s website at where you may find your completion percentage and your GPA information.

 How is pace calculated?

Pace is measured by dividing the total number of credits successfully completed by the total number of credits attempted as shown below:
Pace = Total # of credits successfully completed
             Total # of credits attempted

 What are “attempted” credits?

The grades of A, B, C, D (+ or -) F, P, I W, NR and credit by exam are considered credits attempted. Attempted credits are calculated based upon the grading period and after which time a grade is posted.

 What are “completed” credits?

The successful completion of a credit attempted is credit for which a grade of A, B, C, D (+ or -), or P is received and credits by exam.  Do not include grades of F, I, or W.  The grade of D for a Graduate student is not considered successful completion of the credit(s) attempted.

 How is program length determined?

This is under construction.

 How do I appeal my SAP status?

If you fail to meet SAP requirements due to extenuating circumstances, you may appeal your SAP status by submitting an Appeal for Reinstatement of Financial Aid Eligibility form to the Office of Student Financial Aid, 106 Park Student Services Center.  This form must include a clear explanation of why the student failed to meet SAP and, specifically, what steps the student plans to take to meet SAP by the next evaluation.  Additional documentation confirming the appealed situation may also be required.   Appeal forms with insufficient or inaccurate documentation will not be processed. 

 What is an Academic Plan?

An academic plan is a multi-semester guide which, in some cases, require students to successfully complete a certain number of credits per semester, or earn a specific semester GPA (or both) so as to meet SAP requirements by a particular point in time. An academic plan is developed when:
  • a student successfully appeals Financial Aid Suspension and it is determined that SAP requirements cannot be/will not be met at the end of one semester; or
  • a student fails to meet SAP at the end of their probationary period and successfully appeals Financial Aid Suspension.
The academic plan must detail how the student will make up their deficiencies:
·        If deficient in completion percentage (67% rule), the number of credits required for each future term to eventually meet the 67% rule by the conclusion of the plan.
·        If deficient in GPA, the minimum GPA required for each future term to eventually meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirement by the conclusion of the plan.
·        If maximum number of terms of eligibility has been reached, the number of additional future terms required to complete degree requirements (in most cases, if this exceeds two, the appeal will be denied).

 Is there a deadline for submitting an appeal to my SAP hold?

In order to be processed within a reasonable timeframe, appeals must be submitted by the end of last day of the term of enrollment. 

 I have been academically suspended from the University. Is this the same as Financial Aid Suspension?

Academic suspension standards are separate and distinct from the Financial Aid suspension policy. If you have been suspended from the University, you are not eligible to continue classes at UW-Stevens Point for a period of time. If you are suspended academically, you will be sent a copy of your academic record and a letter that further explains your situation.

 I am in “good academic standing”. Why am I unable to receive financial aid?

Academic standards are separate and distinct from the Financial Aid suspension policy.  Students can continue to enroll in courses at UWSP even though ineligible to receive financial aid.  Students in this situation must fund their education through other means than financial aid or successfully appeal their financial aid status.

 If I withdraw (for any reason, medical or otherwise) from school, how will this impact my financial aid in the future?

Should you withdraw from school (for any reason) all credits for which you were enrolled will be considered in the calculation of your Satisfactory Academic Progress as attempted credits.  The Pace and Maximum Time Frame components will be affected by your withdrawal.
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