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At times, customers of Facility Services have asked that we provide estimates for service requests.  We understand and appreciate that our customers are managing a budget and need accurate estimates to help control costs. Please understand the importance of providing a complete and accurate scope of work when you speak with a Facility Services representative and realize that changes to this scope will often effect cost.  Our estimate will always be most accurate when the scope of work is well defined and unaltered. Knowingly, conditions will arise that are beyond the control of both Facility Services and our customers, ultimately altering the estimated cost (example:  scope creep, inaccurate scope, unexpected construction obstacles, emergencies etc).  Our promise to you is that we conduct an honest assessment to ensure accuracy and integrity in our final billing.

In addition, for small service requests (requests under $1000) we prefer to provide you with a "quick-quote" response based on previous work of similar scale. Developing a firm estimate for a small service request is often more labor intensive than the final project cost can justify, therefore; a "quick-quote" approach to these smaller requests helps us to remain efficient and focused as we serve the entire campus community.

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