Campus Master Plan

In the autumn of 2005, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (UWSP) initiated a campus master plan at the direction of the chancellor. The last master plan was completed in 1968. Since then, UWSP has updated its Campus Physical Development Plan periodically as a way of documenting the physical needs of the campus.
The master planning process has been a coordinated effort between UWSP, University of Wisconsin System Administration and the State of Wisconsin Division of State Facilities (DSF). The process was designed to be inclusive and included a steering committee comprised of members of campus administration, faculty and staff, student body government and city staff. It involved work sessions and presentations at key milestones to which the entire staff, student body and interested public were invited. The master plan is meant to guide the physical development of the campus for the next 20 years.
UWSP does not anticipate a signifi cant increase in enrollment and the master planning team was directed to prepare the plan assuming enrollment would remain near current level. To be successful, a master plan must be forward thinking and fl exible. To that end, this master plan, while focused primarily on the next 25 to 30 years, looks beyond that time frame to consider potential longer term campus needs. This look forward will help ensure shorter term development needs do not preclude good campus development options in the future.

Campus Master Plan Current Documents

Campus Development Plans

UWSP 2023-29 CPDP

UWSP 2019-25 CPDP.pdf