Student Accommodations

Below are lists of typical accommodations. Which accommodations you qualify for are determined on an individual basis, taking into account your individual needs and supporting documentation.

Classroom Accommodations

  • ​Recorded Lectures
  • ​Copies of PowerPoints, notes, etc.
  • ​Note Taker (Wausau campus only)
  • ​Computer
  • ​Calculator
  • ​FM System
  • ​Sign-Language Interpreter
  • ​Captioning/C-Print
  • ​Preferential Seating
  • ​Adaptive Furniture
  • ​Flexible Attendance
  • ​Able to Leave Classroom

Assistive Technology

The items below are just some of the types of resources the AT Lab has available.

  • ​Talking Scientific Calculator
  • ​Magnifier-Transformer USB
  • ​Dictation Program (Voice to Text)
  • ​Magnifier/Reader (DaVinci)
  • ​ZoomText Program
  • Note-Taking Tools
  • Digital Texts​ (Text to Voice)
  • ​FM System

Exam/Testing Accommodations

  • Proctored Exam
  • ​Extended Time
  • ​Reduced Distraction Location
  • ​Reader
  • ​Scribe
  • ​Computer for Testing
  • ​Text to Voice
  • ​Voice to Text
  • ​No Penalty for Spelling/Grammar
  • ​Enlarged Copies for Test

Student Test Accommodations

proctoring a student exam

The DRC administers around 1,000 exams/tests per semester for students who qualify for exam accommodations through the DRC.

The DRC proctors exams in multiple locations:

  • a few individual testing rooms with camera monitoring
  • testing rooms with computers; for students who qualify for assistive technology testing accommodations
  • small testing rooms for 1-2 test takers
  • in a group setting, that is smaller and has fewer distractions than the classroom
  • or you may make personal arrangements with your instructor

Proctored Exam Procedure

Instructors may arrange test accommodations for students with disabilities in their area. However, if instructors are unable to do so, they may refer the student to the DRC, and we will arrange for a proctored exam.

  1. Students will submit an accommodation notice to their instructors via DRC Connect.
  2. Students are encouraged to meet with each of their instructors regarding their exam accommodations and together determine if the student will test through the DRC or make arrangements with the instructor.
    • In some instances, a student’s exam accommodation needs can only be met through our office. In these cases, the instructor may be notified by the DRC.
  3. If the student and/or instructor chooses to schedule their exams(s) through the DRC the student will then submit a test request through DRC Connect. Should the instructor change the test date, we expect students to inform the DRC as soon as possible, so we are able to make proctored exam changes in our office.
  4. The student and instructor will then receive an email with confirmation of their exam day, time, and location.
    • Requests for exams/quizzes need to be submitted online at least five (5) business days (Monday-Friday) no later than 4:30 p.m. in advance of the exam and about one (1) month prior to your finals. Please note that before we finalize exam accommodations, it takes time to communicate between instructor, proctor, location source, and student.
    • Please remember to notify us if there are any changes in exam dates and times.

Additional Accommodations

  • Dietary Accommodations
    Dining and Summer Conference has a Registered Dietician on staff who is available to consult with students who have dietary needs related to allergies or a disability/medical condition. Consultation with the dietician is encouraged before seeking exemption from the requirement for students living on campus to purchase a meal plan.
  • Housing Accommodations
    Residential Living considers a wide variety of housing accommodation requests, including single room placement due to disability/medical condition and exemption from the on-campus residency requirement for first and second year students.
  • Priority Registration
    DRC staff will consider requests for priority registration on a case-by-case basis.
  • Service Animal
    Service animals are dogs or mini-horses trained to perform tasks or duties for a person with a disability. Students with service animals are encouraged to register with DRC to facilitate access to campus facilities (including housing).
  • Emotional Support Animal
    Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are allowed as a housing accommodation when the student can document a therapeutic benefit to residing with an animal. Students seeking approval for ESAs should contact DRC and consult with a staff member about the review process. Certificates or registrations from online registries or similar verification services are typically not considered sufficient documentation of therapeutic benefit.