Student Accommodations

Below are lists of typical accommodations. Which accommodations you qualify for are determined on an individual basis, taking into account your individual needs and supporting documentation.

Classroom Accommodations

  • ​Recorded Lectures
  • ​Copies of PowerPoints, notes, etc.
  • ​Note Taker (Wausau campus only)
  • ​Computer
  • ​Calculator
  • ​FM System
  • ​Sign-Language Interpreter
  • ​Captioning/C-Print
  • ​Preferential Seating
  • ​Adaptive Furniture
  • ​Flexible Attendance
  • ​Able to Leave Classroom

Exam/Testing Accommodations

  • Proctored Exam
  • ​Extended Time
  • ​Reduced Distraction Location
  • ​Reader
  • ​Scribe
  • ​Computer for Testing
  • ​Text to Voice
  • ​Voice to Text
  • ​No Penalty for Spelling/Grammar
  • ​Enlarged Copies for Test

Assistive Technology

The items below are just some of the types of resources the AT Lab has available.

  • ​Talking Scientific Calculator
  • ​Magnifier-Transformer USB
  • ​Dictation Program (Voice to Text)
  • ​Magnifier/Reader (DaVinci)
  • ​ZoomText Program
  • Note-Taking Tools
  • Digital Texts​ (Text to Voice)
  • ​FM System

Additional Accommodations

  • Dietary Accommodations
    Dining and Summer Conference has a Registered Dietician on staff who is available to consult with students who have dietary needs related to allergies or a disability/medical condition. Consultation with the dietician is encouraged before seeking exemption from the requirement for students living on campus to purchase a meal plan.
  • Housing Accommodations
    Residential Living considers a wide variety of housing accommodation requests, including single room placement due to disability/medical condition and exemption from the on-campus residency requirement for first and second year students.
  • Priority Registration
    DATC staff will consider requests for priority registration on a case-by-case basis.
  • Service Animal
    Service animals are dogs or mini-horses trained to perform tasks or duties for a person with a disability. Students with service animals are encouraged to register with DATC to facilitate access to campus facilities (including housing).
  • Emotional Support Animal
    Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are allowed as a housing accommodation when the student can document a therapeutic benefit to residing with an animal. Students seeking approval for ESAs should contact DATC and consult with a staff member about the review process. Certificates or registrations from online registries or similar verification services are typically not considered sufficient documentation of therapeutic benefit.