Exercise is supposed to be a stress reliever yet sometimes it can induce more stress when done incorrectly. This can happen when you become overwhelmed with the enthusiasm for starting something new such as a new exercise class or program and in that exhilaration, you end up overworking yourself. Motivation can be another barrier for many people. Fitness club owners have stated that motivation will typically peak 3-7 days after your fitness journey has begun, then rapidly decreases. Without this motivation, exercise can become stress inducing over stress reducing. To combat this, there are some guidelines listed below to help you minimize stress on your fitness journey.

  1. Start cautiously and progress moderately with your program!
  2. Pick an activity you love!
  3. Select a consistent time of day to exercise!
  4. Use the right clothes and equipment!
  5. Have a support system or support group to go to! 
  6. Set personal fitness goals for yourself!
  7. Focus on injury prevention!

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