Flag a Policy or Practice

Who Are We?

We are members of the UWSP Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Policy Committtee (EDIPC) who have volunteered to participate in an EDIPC Flag a Policy or Practice working group. Members of the EDIPC include faculty, staff, and students. Our charge is to receive reported policies and practices and work towards a resolution by amending, changing, and/or creating policy; facilitating dialogue between all involved departments, individuals, and stakeholders; and making recommendations to make existing policies or practices that fall within the UWSP EDI Policy Committee's scope and authority more equitable and inclusive.

Submit a Report

If you know of a UWSP policy or practice that adversely affects marginalized communities such as individuals with disabilities, students/faculty/staff of color, the economically disadvantaged, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community at UWSP, please share your concern with the chair of Common Council, Common.Council.Chair@uwsp.edu, or the chair of the EDI Policy Committee.​​ You can find the contact information for the current EDIPC chair at the EDIPC website​

The process to bring an issue to shared governance​ is to contact the chair of Common Council and/or the chair of the relevant committee or subcommittee.  Please see the document at the link for more information on the process.

If a policy or practice is reviewed by shared governance, you can follow the progress of the review through the meeting minutes of the relevant committees. Final outcomes approved by Common Council and the chancellor are recorded on resolutions listed here (requires a UWSP login). ​You may contact the Common Council Office for assistance with locating meeting minutes.

​Currently, you may also contact the Flag a Policy working group directly, em​ail the Flag a Policy group.​

Note: We are currently revising this site. Please contact the Common Council Office if you don't find what you are looking for.

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 What We Do & Don't Do

What We Do

  • We receive reports and contact the department(s) or individual(s) responsible for the practice or policy to discuss reported problems, seek further information, and investigate solutions.
  • We work with departments and individuals to clearly understand and discuss the policy or practice.
  • We make recommendations based on best practices and, when necessary, provide resolution through shared governance to change, update, or amend the policy or practice in question.
  • We create opportunities for the department(s) or individual(s) to meet with students, faculty, and/or staff for clarity, if necessary.
  • We work with the larger Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Policy Committee, individual(s) or department(s) that house the policy or practice, Common Council, DCA, and UWSP administration to amend the policy or practice, where necessary.
  • We share the final resolution on this website (see the table below) to celebrate the progress of this campaign. Note: We are currently revising this site. Please contact the Common Council Office if you don't find what you are looking for.

What We Don't Do

  • We do not call-out the department(s) or individual(s) in public.
  • We do not sanction department(s) or individual(s).

 Process Description

Process Description

  • Once a policy or practice is flagged (submitted), the EDIPC working group discusses it at the next meeting. 
  • The committee determines the departments and/or individuals who need to be contacted and engaged in discussion.
  • An official email is drafted and sent to the departments and/or individuals (collaborating office) to notify them of the flagged policy or practice.
  • A meeting is set up with the collaborating office to discuss and find solutions.
  • The reports section of this site is updated as we work together towards a resolution. 
  • The collaborating office is contacted six weeks after the initial meeting with the committee.
  • More meetings are organized with other stakeholders, and with the collaborating office, as needed.
  • Once a final resolution is reached, the person who made the complaint is informed and the status on the website is changed to "Resolved."
  • All collaborating offices will be asked to submit a year-end status report by June 30th.
  • Throughout the process, the Flag a Policy or Practice working group may seek counsel from the larger EDIPC, Common Council Office, UWSP Administration, Common Council, and Executive Committee to ensure that the resolution is equitable and inclusive.​

 Reports 2020-2021

Reports 2020-2021

 Reports 2021-2022

Reports 2021-2022

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