Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Policy Committee (EDIPC)

Chair: Rayvn Knipple, 2023-2024, rknipple@uwsp.edu. 

Please check here for committee membership​​. (Committee m​emberships are listed by acronym at the bottom of this Excel Workbook. Requires a logon.)​

Scope and Authority: ​

The committee shall have the authority to make recommendations on every new institution-level policy or policy revision put forth to the Common Council originating from a shared governance body.

i. Policy style guide: The committee will recommend style and language guidelines for writing equitable policy. The committee will also recommend accessible vocabulary and phrasing for policy.

ii. Policy formulation: The committee will review drafts of policies and raise potential equity issues early in the formulation of UWSP policies.

iii. Policy finalization: Institutional feedback on new or revised UWSP policies that demonstrate concern with the effect of a policy on underrepresented communities with UWSP will be included in the policy finalization process to provide context to the UWSP Chancellor and Vice Chancellors prior to a policy being formally approved.

iv. Policy revision: The committee shall receive requests for equity-based policy revisions and forward them, along with recommendations, to the appropriate bodies in whose scope the policies originate.

v. Policy review: The committee will establish a schedule for the systematic review of UWSP policies and make recommendations related to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

vi. Assessment metrics: The committee will recommend appropriate metrics for the assessment of policy impacts.