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21st Annual College of Letters and Science Undergraduate Research Symposium

Welcome to the 21st annual College of Letters and Science Undergraduate Research Symposium.

This Research Symposium is a highlight of our year, a moment when we celebrate student academic achievements. And while this year poses its own unique challenges, moving to online for everyone’s safety and health, we still get to enjoy the inspiration, dedication, and creativity of our young scholars. This is an opportunity to step back from our academic routines to admire our students’ accomplishments and to encourage them along the path of intellectual achievement. So much hard work is “on stage” in this event, and we are all inspired by it. 

As our former colleague Dean Chris Cirmo pointed out, in this event we “share how teaching and scholarship go together in the bond that develops between our faculty and their students. ... Our faculty, as experts in their fields, are the resource that our students most depend upon in experiencing a successful college career.” So, today is also a celebration of the faculty who give their time to encourage, advise and direct student research. My deepest admiration and respect goes out to those who give so freely of themselves to their students.

Congratulations to all of the scholars, teachers and learners who make this symposium such a special occasion!

— Eric Yonke, Interim Dean, College of Letters and Science

Natural Sciences, Math, and Computing

Bactericidal and Chemotherapeutic Potential of a Fungal Extract (Biology)  Poster
  Students: Taylor Tauber, Kirby Kuehn, Christian Van Scoyk, Lauren Volkman, Erica Her
  Faculty: Lindsay Dresang, Terese Barta, Virginia Freire

Comparison of Three Different Viability Stains for the Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (Biology)  Oral Presentation   |   Oral Presentation with Slides
  Students: Nicholas Jorenby
  Faculty: Terese Barta

Survey of Parasites in Waterfowl From Green Bay, WI (Biology)  Poster  |  Poster with Audio
  Students: Reece Mullen, Demirae Berceau
  Faculty: Sarah Orlofske

The Effect of Covid-19 on Bat Research in Wisconsin (Biology)  PosterPoster with Audio
  Students: Nicole Dahlman, Kayla Guenther
  Faculty: Christopher Yahnke

The Effects of Salt Exposure on Osmoregulation and Mass in Freshwater Snails (Biology)   Poster  |  Poster with Audio
  Students: Michaela Meehl, Hal Edwards, Roiya Meyers
  Faculty: Sarah Orlofske

Transcriptional Comparisons of Diverse Cancer Cell Types With Metastatic and Non-Metastatic Pairings (Biology)   Poster
  Students: Christian Van Scoyk, Taylor Tauber, Kirby Kuehn, Morgan Broske, Arthur Rech Tondin
  Faculty: Lindsay Dresang

Whose Bathroom is Dirtier? Comparative Analysis of the Bathroom Air of the Chemistry Biology Building at UW-Stevens Point (Biology)  Oral Presentation  |  Oral Presentation with Slides
  Students: Keegan Brighton
  Faculty: Terese Barta

Creation and Curation of an Improved, Custom MALDI-TOF Edwardsiella library (Chemistry)   Poster
  Students: Kaitlin Freese, Brianna Fitzgerald
  Faculty: Jim Lawrence

Developing an Interactive Exhibit for the Schoebeck Egg Collection (Computing and New Media Technologies)   Poster  |  Poster with Audio
  Students: Shane Dougherty, Stephen Raasch, Matt Rusch
  Faculty: Tomi Heimonen, Sarah Scripps

Railroad Fly Ash as A Relative Dating Tool in Lake Sediments – Marathon and Waushara Counties, Wisconsin (Geography and Geology)   Poster
  Students: Alyssa Sims, Alexandra Peacock, Chelsea Huckbody, Keith Koch
  Faculty: Samantha Kaplan, Neil Heywood

The Humanities

Using Theatre to Eliminate Oppressive Barriers to Student Success in Higher Education (English)   Poster
  Students: Wyatt Cross
  Faculty: Rebecca Stephens

Resistance and Commemoration: Politicizing commemoration and the Palestinian Nakba of 1948 (History)   Poster
  Students: Abby Guzman
  Faculty: Valerie Barske

Analyzing Commemoration and Dark Tourism of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia (1979 – Present) (History)   Poster
  Students: Madeline Hoffman
  Faculty: Valerie Barske

Commemorating and Understanding Nuclear Issues in Japan 1945–2020 (History)   Poster
  Students: Claire Kiessling
  Faculty: Valerie Barske

Commemoration or Profit? The Truth Behind Belfast’s Titanic (History)   Poster
  Students: Kelsey Johnson
  Faculty: Valerie Barske

Commemorative Storytelling: Museum Artifacts, Testimonies, and Healing Trauma at the Sarajevo War Childhood Museum (History)   Poster  |  Poster with Audio
  Students: Sanne Roeven
  Faculty: Valerie Barske

Controversial Commemoration and Collective Memory of the Holocaust: Europe, Israel and the U.S. 1950-Present (History)   Poster
  Students: Cali Brehmer
  Faculty: Valerie Barske

Dark Tourism: Remembering Histories of Slavery through Slave Heritage Sites in Ghana 1996 – 2019 (History)   Poster
  Students: Leah Harbath
  Faculty: Valerie Barske

Modern Mechanisms for Holocaust Commemoration in 21st Century Poland (History)   Poster
  Students: Hayley Simons
  Faculty: Valerie Barske

Post-Conflict Collective Memory for Guatemala’s Civil War (1960-1996) (History)   Poster  |  Poster with Audio
  Students: Selena Cruz
  Faculty: Valerie Barske

The Berlin Wall: Commemorating the Isolation and Captivity of East Berlin and its Citizens (1945 - 2019) (History)   Poster
  Students: Helen Fojut
  Faculty: Valerie Barske

Unresolved Issues in Contemporary Namibia: Genocide, Tragedy, and Commemoration of the German Colonial Era (1884-1915)  (History)   Poster
  Students: Joseph Lorenzi
  Faculty: Valerie Barske

Rock Against Racism: How Music Shaped Political and Cultural Movements in 1970s Britain (History)   Poster
  Students: Terriun Green
  Faculty: Valerie Barske

Complex Commemorations: Remembering Key Figures in the Vietnam Wars (1955-1975) (History)   Poster
  Students: Fong Thao
  Faculty: Valerie Barske

How Culture Influences Film: Comparing the American and German Film Rating Systems (World Languages and Literatures)   Poster  |  Poster with Audio
  Students: Rachel Jacobson
  Faculty: Tobias Barske

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Does Being Told to Vote Impact Who You Vote For? Compulsory Voting and Incumbent Re-election (Political Science)   Poster  |  Poster with Audio
  Students: Sanne Roeven
  Faculty: John Blakeman

The LGBT Fight for Marriage Equality in the United States (Political Science)   Poster  |  Poster with Audio
  Students: Stephanie Karpinski
  Faculty: Jennifer Collins

Artificial Selection on Operant Conditioning in the Mealworm Beetle, Tenebrio Molitor (Psychology)   Poster
  Students: Colton Bahr
  Faculty: Jody Lewis

A Trend Study of the Association between Political Party Affiliation and Views on Restricting Immigration to the United States (Sociology and Social Work)   Poster
  Students: Paige St. Cyr
  Faculty: David Chunyu

How Social Class Can Affect One’s Attitudes Toward Abortion: The Case of the United States (Sociology and Social Work)   Poster
  Students: Adrienne Hagen
  Faculty: David Chunyu

Measuring the Success of Portage County’s Diversion Program: An Analysis of Program Participants’ Recidivism (Sociology and Social Work)   Poster
  Students: Rachel Lemke, Taryn Wield
  Faculty: David Chunyu

The Role of Religion in Social Work Practice (Sociology and Social Work)  Poster  |  Poster with Audio
  Students: Marisa Skajewski
  Faculty: David Barry, Jess Bowers

Tolerance Among the Majors  (Sociology and Social Work)   Oral Presentation
  Student: Justin Weyenberg
  Faculty: David Barry

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