‚ÄčAcademy of Letters and Science

The Academy of Letters and Science is an organization founded to recognize civic contribution, intellectual and academic interest, professional achievement and significant support by individuals in the promotion of liberal studies in the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point service area. The Academy serves as a support group for the College of Letters and Science by providing models of excellence for students, by providing the college access to the community, and by offering the community an opportunity to help shape college policies.

Academy of Letters and Science Student Awards

Academy of Letters and Science Community Award

Executive Committee
Steven Regnier
President, Regnier Consulting Group
Executive Committee
John Finn
Retired Circuit Court Judge
Branch 2, Portage County
Al Marten
Marten Machining
Julie Lassa
Sentry Insurance
Sue Wilcox
United Way of Portage County
Joshua Hagen
COLS Faculty - Humanities
Vera Klekovkina

COLS Faculty - Sciences
Robin Tanke
COLS Faculty - Social Sciences
David Barry

Past Presidents

John Regnier (1984-1985)

Lois Feldman (1985-1986)

Frederic Fleishauer (1986-1987)

Caroline Fribance (1987-1988)

Dwight Stevens (1988-1990)

Don Kropidlowski (1990-1992)

Frederick Wenzel (1992-1994)

Gerald Viste (1994-1996)

Thomas Nikolai (1996-1998)

James Harmon (1998-2000)

Carl Lemke (2000-2002)

Sharon Maby (2002-2004)

David Thiel (2004-2006)

John Finn (2007-2010)

Frederick "Fritz" Wenzel (2010-2015)