Groundwater Model Project

The Groundwater Model Project (GWMP) is a nonprofit organization run 100% by the UW-Stevens Point natural resources students. The first model was built at UW-Stevens Point in the early 1980's as a project. As interest and demand for the models grew it emerged into the business it is today. The purpose of the GWMP project is to:

  • Fund student research for the UW-Stevens Point Student Chapter of American Water Resources Association
  • Provide valuable work experience for students in the College of Natural Resources
  • Further groundwater education around the world

Order a Groundwater Flow Model


What is a Groundwater Flow Model?

The Groundwater Flow Model is an interactive classroom tool designed to show the flow of water and toxins through differing gradients in a porous medium. Our model is unique as it can demonstrate flow through confined and unconfined aquifers as well as the effects of pumping on these aquifers. 


Other concepts our Groundwater Flow Model can demonstrate include:

  • Cone of depression
  • Effects of well pumping on the water table
  • Two directional flow into a river
  • Rain discharge effects on contaminant depth
  • Groundwater movement through an artesian aquifer
  • Contaminant dispersion and dilution in an aquifer
  • Groundwater inflow and outflow in a seepage lake
  • The piezometric surface above a zone of saturation
  • Leakage of landfills or similar structures into groundwater
  • Water quality stratification in the aquifer with narrow zones of contamination
  • One directional groundwater flow with a change in water level over the two feet length of the model
  • Saltwater intrusion

Our Standard Groundwater Model (2 ft long X 1 ft tall X 1.5 in wide) includes:

  • Stand
  • Manual
  • Instructional DVD 
  • Nalgene Bottle with Rubber Stopper 
  • Additional Labels
  • Whirl Pack:

    • 10 & 30 CC Syringes
    • 2 Elbow Joints
    • 3 Foot Tubing
    • 5 Syringe Tips      
Additional Accessories
  • Carrying Case
    • The groundwater flow model carrying case is designed especially for our model, making transport and storage easy. Made of quality wood, this case stores our model and its supplies without sliding or tipping. The dimensions of the case are 27 in long X 11.5 in tall X 8 in wide.
  • Rain Simulator - Currently out of stock
    • The Rain Simulator accurately demonstrates both groundwater and surface interception. With the Rain Simulator effectively teaches the full spectrum of the water cycle. The simulator includes:

        • PVC Pipe and Tubing
        • 2 Acrylic Stands
        • 1 Pump
        • 1 C-Clamp
        • 1 Bag of Rock
        • Instructions for use

 Order a Groundwater Flow Model 

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