Student Employment and Opportunities

Collecting a rapid bioassessment sample.The Aquatic Biomonitoring Laboratory provides practical educational and professional experiences for UW-Stevens Point students pursuing careers in natural resources.  Undergraduate students perform most of the sample processing duties in the Aquatic Biomonitoring Laboratory.  Opportunities exist for graduate and undergraduate students to work with faculty and staff performing laboratory analyses and conducting scientific research.
Undergraduate student experiences:
  • Employment
  • Financial aid assistance via the work study program
  • Credit-earning internship in WATR 381
  • Credit-earning independent study in WATR 499
  • Volunteerism
Graduate students are able to earn a master's degree in Natural Resources by completing an approved course of study and completing a graduate thesis that researches a water resource issue.
Graduate student experience:
  • Masters of Science degree

Completed Graduate Theses

Subsampling rapid bioassessment samples.Steven P. Weiss Bioassessment of the West Branch of the Little Wolf River

Casey G. Scott Biological Water Quality Assessment of the Little Wolf River Watershed

Gerald T. Shepard Determination of a True Biotic Index and Comparison of Riffle and Snag
Habitats in Bearskin Creek, Oneida County Wisconsin, using a Modified Biotic Index

Kristine F. Stepenuck Impacts of Urban Land Use on Macroinvertebrate Communities with Comparison of Samples from Snags and Riffles for Southeastern Wisconsin Streams

Timothy C. Drake Rapid Bioassessment and Macroinvertebrate Survey of 11 Streams on the Fort McCoy Military Reservation, Sparta, Wisconsin

James M. Cahow Estimating the Effects of Suspended Sediments on the Macroinvertebrate Community

Ann E. Hooper Effects of Season, Habitat and an Impoundment on Twenty-Five Benthic Community Measures Used to Assess Water Quality

John B. Sandberg Life cycles of Isoperla lata Frison, I. slossonae (Banks), and I. cotta Ricker (Plecoptera: Perlodidae) in two central Wisconsin streams

Mark T. Ziminske Drumming Behavior of Selected Stonefly (Plecoptera) Species from the Great Lakes Region

Kendall K. Kamke Limnology of four lakes in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore   

Gary R. Montz The Littoral Benthos of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore 
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