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2020 Keynote Speakers
Agenda subject to change.

Thursday Keynote - Dr. Douglas Beard - Thursday, 9:00-10:30 am


The Role of Resiliency in Managing Water Resources

Our Thursday keynote speaker will illustrate the role of resiliency in the big picture of managing water resources. Dr. Douglas Beard is a Wisconsin native who served as a fisheries manager for the Wisconsin DNR before joining the United States Geological Survey (USGS). He is currently the Chief of the National Climate Adaptation Science Center. His role is to provide leadership and guidance on administration, partnerships, information management, and communications for a network of regional climate adaptation science centers. Doug has partnered with researchers and managers through the Resilience Alliance and the Stockholm Resilience Center to carry forward Buzz Holling’s legacy in the realms of waterways and fisheries. We look forward to learning from Doug’s work and seeing the ways that resiliency thinking can lead us to a future of healthy waters.

Link to presentation (PDF)

Friday Keynote - Lauren Salvato - Friday, 9:00-10:15 am


Resiliency in the Upper Mississippi River Basin

On Friday, we will be joined by Lauren Salvato, the Water Quality Program and Policy Director of the Upper Mississippi River Basin Association. This unique group brings together state leadership from Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin to address basin-scale issues impacting the river. The Association engages in the discussion, evaluation, and study of a variety of topics, ranging from policy and budget matters to specific resource management concerns. Over the years, the Association has addressed a wide range of issues including: nonpoint source pollution, water quality planning and management, habitat restoration, flood recovery, and more. Lauren is a graduate of the limnology program at Indiana University Bloomington and served as the national coordinator for the North American Lake Management Society’s Secchi Dip-in program while in graduate school.  



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