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​Thursday All Day Workshops

April 24, 2014
9:00am - 4:30pm

Pre-registration required to attend.
Agenda subject to change.



Lake District Commissioner Training

9:00am - 4:30pm 

Whether you are new to your lake district or a seasoned Lake District Commissioner, this workshop will help you sort through the requirements of being a commissioner and operating a lake district. Learn about requirements, meeting etiquette, member communication, budget and funding methods, and many more ideas to help you become an effective commissioner. By receiving a free copy of "People of the Lakes: A Guide for Wisconsin Lake Organizations," you will have tips and information to be your guide. This will be a two part series - during the am and pm workshop blocks.
Judy Jooss Judy Jooss is a serving Commissioner with the District of Powers Lake and annually assists that District to prepare and present the proposed budget to their annual meeting. Judy has developed computer-based aides for budget preparation, tracking, and presentation that she will share during this session.
Eric Olson, Lake Specialist, UW-Extension Lakes


More resources on our Lake Districts​ page.

Connecting Wisconsin and Nicaragua Through Nature: Lakes, Birds, and People

9:00am - 4:30pm

Since 1965, the State of Wisconsin and Nicaragua have been forming community development relationships through the Partners of the Americas program. Both places share an abundance of freshwater lakes, and neotropical migratory birds that summer in Wisconsin and winter in Central America form a natural bond stretching across thousands of miles. Last year, the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership began developing a working relationship with non-governmental groups seeking to protect and improve water quality at Lake Nicaragua (Cocibolca), the19th largest lake in the world. This mini-conference will share information about Lake Nicaragua and explore the birding and education connections between Wisconsin and Nicaragua.

Presenters during the day include:
  1. Patrick Goggin, Lake Specialist, UW-Extension Lakes, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point > Introductions and discussion of the lake connections between Wisconsin and Nicaragua​
  2. Victor Cedeño, Environmental Scientist, Lake Nicaragua Project Consultant, Managua, Nicaragua and guest translator > Lake Nicaragua and it's watershed: biology notes, unique flora and fauna, and why we should all help conserve it
  3. Dr. Ronald Blandón, Country Coordinator and Elisa Estrada, Range Officer, Farmer-to-Farmer Program, Partners of the Americas, Incorporated, Managua, NicaraguaThe Nicaraguan canal project and its implications for lake health and water quality; background information on Partners of the Americas and the emerging Lake Nicaragua partnership with Wisconsin
  4. Steven Greb, Senior Research Hydrologist, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Madison, WisconsinRemote sensing of lake water quality at Lake Nicaragua
  5. Craig Thompson, District Land Program Manager, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources > Migratory bird connections between Central America and Wisconsin
  6. Bill Volkert, Naturalist, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (retired) > Bird life and habitats around Lake Nicaragua​​​​
  7. Rick Hall, UW-Madison Arboretum - Earth Partnership for Schools, Madison, Wisconsin and Dinora Sandino, CARE Nicaragua, Managua, Nicaragua > Engaging young people, educators, and community partners in restoring native habitats around Lake Nicaragua and beyond 
  8. Amy Wiza, Program Director, Wisconsin - Nicaragua Partners of the Americas, Incorporated, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point The Wisconsin - Nicaragua Partners
  9. Jane Furchgott, Board of DirectorsFifteen years of natural resources conservation at the community level: the Santa Teresa-Richland Center Sister City Project


Using WordPress to Build Your Organization's Website

9:00am - 4:30pm

WordPress is an inexpensive webpage design and content management system that you can use to create and update websites with no programming experience. This daylong workshop will take you through all the steps of creating and then updating and maintaining your organization's website. Participants will need to provide their own laptop or tablet with wireless internet capability as they will be creating and editing webpages throughout this hands-on workshop.
Larry Bresina, Larry Bresina is a retired imaging product developer. He has a BS from UW-Eau Claire in math and chemistry, and an MS in chemistry from the University of Minnesota. He attended the Wisconsin Lake Leaders Institute program and developed lake management capability on the Pipe Lakes District Board as Water Quality Committee Chair. In learning how to protect lakes, Larry found multiple ways are needed to communicate with lake users; an especially important way is through a website. As a result, he has kindled a latent interest in computer coding by pursuing capability in website design. He has built a variety of websites for small non-profits.Webmaster, Polk County Association of Lakes and Rivers

Limit: 12
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