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​Thursday Morning Workshops

April 24, 2014
9:00am - 12:00pm

Pre-registration required to attend.
Agenda subject to change.


Volunteer Recruiting and Management: Best Practices for State and Local Government

9:00am - 12:00pm

Volunteers are an integral part of our Lakes Partnership and many local agencies  and organizations count on volunteers to make specific projects succesful. However, few people are trained in the fine art and science of volunteer management. This workshop will provide participants with best management practices and practical advice for recruiting, training, and recognizing volunteers. Using these ideas, you will be a more successful project manager and spend less time and energy fretting about volunteers.​
Bonnie AndrewsFor thirteen years, Bonnie Andrews has managed the Volunteer Center of Greater Milwaukee, a service of the Nonprofit Center.  Prior to joining the Volunteer Center she managed volunteers at a large nonprofit and held management positions in both banking and manufacturing. Bonnie has provided training on effective volunteer engagement for many local and regional conferences, and participates in local and national volunteer initiatives and networks.   As a community volunteer, Bonnie serves on several nonprofit committees and is an active volunteer in her congregation. Bonnie has a degree in Communication from UWM, and has completed classes in nonprofit management from UWM as well.
, Manager, Volunteer Center of Greater Milwaukee


Using Shoreland Zoning to Protect Waterfront Property

9:00am - 12:00pm

Interested in learning how to protect your property through shoreland zoning? Come to this workshop to learn about new shoreland zoning standards under NR 115; links between shoreland property values, water quality, fisheries and wildlife; and the role of local officials and citizens in influencing local land use decisions. The workshop will discuss the role of the county board, plan commission or zoning committee, and zoning board of adjustment in making zoning decisions. Shoreland property owners and new, aspiring and veteran officials are encouraged to attend.
Rebecca RobertsRebecca Roberts is a Land Use Specialist with UW-Extension at the Center for Land Use Education. Becky provides training workshops for plan commissions, zoning boards, and other local land use officials. She also assists communities with comprehensive planning, public participation, plan implementation and the fiscal impacts of land use decisions. She is managing editor of the Land Use Tracker newsletter and coauthor of the Zoning Board Handbook and Land Use Megatrends series. , Land Use Specialist, UWEX Center for Land Use Education
Lynn MarkhamLynn Markham is a Land Use Specialist with UW-Extension at the Center for Land Use Education. Her extension work has focused on land use tools and techniques to protect drinking water, lakes and streams; zoning and boards of adjustment/appeals; and sustainable communities. To assist communities, Lynn provides research-based information, policy options and community case studies. Her recent projects have included publications about protecting waterfront investments and lakes, a children’s book about lakes and shoreland areas, zoning board workshops and resources for reducing pesticides in your food and drinking water. , Shoreland and Land Use Specialist, UWEX Center for Land Use Education

Presentation: Using Shoreland Zoning to Protect Waterfront Property

Shoreland Health Inventory for County Land and Water Agencies

9:00am - 12:00pm

Interested in conducting a shoreline inventory? Want to learn how to map shoreline features using GIS? In this workshop, we will guide you through the process of field data collection, GIS workflows, and advanced spatial analysis to map and prioritize shorelines. The workshop will include instructor-led demonstrations and hands-on exercises. The intended audience are county conservation staff, resource professionals, and others interested in shoreline health. Experience with ArcGIS is expected.

Dan McFarlaneDan McFarlane is a GIS research specialist with the Center for Land Use Education at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, where he utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for land preservation and environmental planning. He has a particular interest in the use of GIS for visualizing and measuring spatial landscape patterns. He works closely with faculty and students on a wide variety of research projects and publications. Dan also teaches and lectures on GIS. , GIS Research Specialist, UW Extension Lakes

Presentation: Shoreland Health Inventory

Workshop takes place off-site. Transportation provided.
Limit: 20     Additional Fee: $10​

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