Chemistry Major

There are four routes by which one may earn a chemistry major. Each route starts with a two semester general chemistry sequence and the following core of chemistry and collateral courses.

Chemistry Core

Chem 105 and 106 or 117, 248, 325, 326, 335, 336, 355, 446.

Collateral Courses

Math 120, 121, 222
Physics 240 (formerly numbered 150), 250

Additional courses which build upon this core and complete the Chemistry Major consists of a minimum of 64 credits (59 credits if taking Chem 117) including the following:

  1. Chem 365.
  2. At least 2 credits chosen from 329L, 339L, 371, 373, 387, 425, 455 (L indicates labwork).

If you are interested in the Chemistry Major, then complete details about the curricula are available in the Student Handbook for the Chemistry Department or in the course catalog.

The Department of Chemistry encourages you to graduate in four years. Below is a suggested sequence of courses that was designed to illustrate how a student could successfully complete the Chemistry Major in 4 years.

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