​John P. Droske

Emeritus Professor of Chemistry


Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, Colorado State University
M.S., Organic Chemistry, DePaul University
B.S., Chemistry, DePaul University

Select Publications

Juetten, Mark; Kraft, Garrett; Huberty, Wayne; Pieper, Rob; Droske, John P. “'Green' Thermosets: Solventless Synthesis and Reversible Crosslinking of Poly(alkylene mercaptosuccinates” Polymer Preprints, ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry 2012, 53 (2), 339.

Droske, John P.; Juetten, Mark J. “Bis(hydroxyalkyl)mercaptosuccinates” US2011 / 0269903 A1, Patent application, USPTO, published November3, 2011.

Veum, M.; Duelge, L.; Droske, J.; Nguyen, H.T.;Huang, C.C. “Direct comparison between experiment and theory in the temperature variation of film tension above the bulk isotropic transition in freestanding liquid-crystal films” Physical Review E 2009, 80, 031707.

Carraher, C.E., Jr., Droske, J.P. “PolyEd and IPEC: ACS and Intersociety Efforts to Promote Polymer Education in the U.S.” J. Macromolecular Science, Part C: Polymer Reviews 2008, 48, 585–595.

Schmidt, Matthew D.; Fletcher, Daniel S.; Krzykowski, Jackie M.; Wallner, Heather L.; Droske, John P. “Synthesis and characterization of poly(propylene fumarate-co-L-lactic acid) for orthopedic applications” Polymer Preprints, ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry 2007, 48 (1), 998.

Droske, John P.; Carraher, Charles E., Jr. “Polymers: Cornerstones of Construction” J. Chem. Educ. 2006, 83, 1428.

Droske, John P. “Analysis of Rubber Samples, Sleeve Layers, and Tubing from Apollo Spacesuits in the Smithsonian Collection” Save America’s Treasures Spacesuit Preservation Report and Recommendations, Smithsonian Institution, Feb, 2003.

Funding (2006- current)

ARG-WiTAG, WiSys-UWS; WIST; NSF MRI-R2; Smithsonian (As PI or co-PI, total funding 2006-present is ~$1,000,000) 

Honors and Awards

WiSys Innovation Scholar Award, (2011).

ACS Polymer Division Fellow, (2010).

Outstanding Contribution to Chemistry Award, Central Wisconsin Section of the American Chemical Society (2004).

American Chemical Society Joint POLY/PMSE Distinguished Service Award, (1995).

University Scholar Award, UW-SP, (1987).

Professional Affiliations

  • POLYED National Information Center for Polymer Education (POLYED)
  • American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • ACS, Division of Polymer Chemistry (POLY)
  • ACS, Polymer Materials: Science and Eng. (PMSE)