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Virgnia Freire, Ph.D.Virginia, Medinilla magnifica, March 2020.jpg

Emeritus Professor of Biology



Ph.D., Southern Illinois University (2002)

Past Courses
BIOL 130  Intro to Plant Biology
BIOL 339  Bryology and Lichenology
BIOL 490  Horticulture Seminar
BIOL 330 Plant Morphology
BIOL 353  Ethnobotany

Research Areas

Central American liverworts; Hawaiian bryophytes; Ethnobotany


Freire, A.V., E.J. Judziewicz & F. Bowers.  2020.  Bryophytes of Butternut Pines, Oconto County, Wisconsin.  Great Lakes Botanist 59: 178-190.

Freire, A.V., T. Route and E.J. Judziewicz.  2019.Bryophytes of St. Martin Island, Delta County, Michigan.   Great Lakes Botanist 58: 201-209.

In preparation: Freire, A.V. and E.J. Judziewicz. Liverworts and hornworts of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Study for National Park Service, anticipated completion in 2022.  Associated study: Checklist and keys to the liverworts and hornworts of Hawaii, Bishop Museum, Honolulu, as part of the "Plants of Hawaii" project.

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