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Let’s explore Scandinavia [Sweden, Denmark, and Norway] in 2021! Hej! Hur mår du? Our tour will emphasize Nordic walking and urban exploration, along with several day-long hikes in Stockholm and environs, in the fjord country around Bergen and in Oslo, Norway with a chance to do some bicycling in Copenhagen Denmark, the “cycling capitol of Europe” in combination with experiencing first hand local culture, sightseeing, and exploring the local culinary scene. The goal is to walk/hike enough to consume whatever food/drink you desire! Our port of entry will be Stockholm, the Venice of the north. The Swedish capitol comprises an archipelago of fourteen of islands inter-connected by bridges and water taxis offering urban walking and nature exploration on island parks as well as a national park adjoining the Swedish capital. From Stockholm we will head for Copenhagen, the quaint Danish capitol, which can be explored by bike or on foot depending on personal preference. Copenhagen also offers access to an outstanding Viking ship museum, to an outdoor art museum [Louisiana] on the Baltic Sea and to Kronborg Castle, UNESCO world heritage site. From there we will enjoy an overnight cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo, Europe’s environmentally greenest city, affording a blend of high culture [art museums, concerts, opera] and good hiking destinations to the north of the city proper. Our final stop is Bergen, gateway to the fjords and mountains of Norway, for a choice of hiking destinations and the opportunity to experience Norwegian fjords and enjoy a folkloric celebration of the Norwegian National Holiday: syttende Mai with its parades, music and native costumes. Uff da! Let’s go! Explore Scandinavian culture over 15 days through Nordic walking, hiking and bicycling!

Tour Leaders

                      Richard Ruppel & Jutta Brendel

Richard Ruppel has led or co-led 18 tours for UWSP Adventure Tours (and its earlier incarnations). From 1994-2005, he led cultural bicycle tours of Europe (Belgium and the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy), two tours of the Czech Republic, and three tours of Switzerland. Since 2005, he designed and led seven cultural hiking tours: Vienna to Venice 2010, Switzerland and Italy 2011, Switzerland and France in 2013, Salzburg, Bad Gastein, Cortina and Trieste in 2015, The Grand Tour: Munich to Florence in 2017, Alpine Trekking in Switzerland, Italy and France 2018, and most recently Sorrento and Amalfi Coast 2019. Richard is a retired Professor of German at UWSP, has spent years studying, working and researching in the German speaking countries, and also speaks some Swedish. Jutta Brendel is a native of Germany, speaks fluent Italian and has been to Italy countless times. She has led four Italian tours, has planned tours of the Amalfi coast and of Sicily, planned and led a tour of the Etruscan Countryside including Rome, was co-leader of a Tuscan bicycle tour, and planned northern Italian destinations such as Stresa, Lake Garda, Verona, Venice and Trieste among others. Recently, Jutta and Richard co-led the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast 2019 tour venturing the world-renowned Path of the Gods, Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii. Jutta speaks fluent German and Italian and is widely travelled in Europe.  

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