What We Do & Why We're Different... 

Explore and be well. Put simply, that’s what we do!

In coordination with Continuing Education and Outreach at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, UWSP Adventure Tours plans and runs custom wellness-based adventure travel focused on experiential learning, cultural immersion, sustainability, and the seven dimensions of wellness for active adults.

For 37 years, UWSP Adventure Tours has been leading unique and adventurous tours throughout the world; tours that encourage fun and healthy living activities along each journey and prepare each traveler for the challenges (large and small) ahead. Tied to the mission of HPHD, our program and tour leaders not only model and promote the wellness lifestyle, we also emphasize sustainable tourism, working with conservation partners/tour operators to lower our carbon footprint all while providing constructive engagement of our travelers (citizens and students) with local & regional communities; also tying us into the vision and values of UWSP. 

Whether international or stateside, each tour is designed differently, includes educational experiences, and may involve hiking, biking, rafting, birding, canoeing, walking, kayaking, canyoneering, abseiling, kloofing, exploring historical sites, zip-lining, snorkeling, SCUBA, visiting museums, urban exploration, relaxing on the beach, and/or more...

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What We're Not...

Sorry, but we’re not a travel agency. We don’t book individuals on destination trips. Instead, the entire journey is our focus, with each traveler’s wellness at the forefront. Naturally, for us each tour focuses on the 7 dimensions of wellness; everything from local foods, to the proximity of the hotel from the local bike shop, to the intensity of an alpine hike, to relaxation and free time are considered for every tour.

Goals of the Program

  1. Encourage adults to take the initiative and lead more healthy/active lifestyles through wellness travel
  2. Increase global awareness and cultural sensitivity
  3. Enhance the image of the School of Health Promotion & Human Development and UWSP

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