Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)​

The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point is committed to the humane care and use of animals for educational and research purposes. The utilization of animals is a privilege and the responsibility involved in the care and use of animals is a shared act. The IACUC oversees the use of all vertebrate animal use sponsored by any unit of UW Stevens Point. A vertebrate is defined as any mammal (non-human), cold-blooded animals such as fish, reptiles and amphibians, and live eggs from birds, reptiles and other embryos therein.

The Animal Care and Use Program is managed in accordance with the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, the AVMA Guidelines, and taxon-specific guidelines for wildlife. This oversight is in compliance with federal Animal Welfare Act Regulations and PHS Policy

IACUC oversees animal use for research, teaching, entertainment/outreach or exhibition/special activities in the following settings: 

1. Sponsored by any unit of UW Stevens Point
2. In collaboration with another institution
3. Sponsored by a non-UWSP affiliated unit at a UWSP site