​What is accesSPoint?

accesSPoint is the place to go to take care of all things academic for students, faculty, and staff. 

In accesSPoint students can: 

  • Register for classes
  • Manage course loads
  • Pay student bills
  • Accept financial aid awards
  • Manage address information
  • View the tasks that need to be completed 
To log into accesSPoint, you can select the logins tab in the top right of any UWSP page.  It can also be quickly accessed here.  

​Student Account Balance

Students are able to view their current account balance in their accesSPoint account.  

To View Account Balance:

  • In accesSPoint, click on the Financial Account/Billing Tile
  • Select Account Balance from the side menu bar
  • The most up to date balance will appear

​Access Your E-Bill Statement

Current students will receive email notice when a new electronic billing statement is available to view.  A new bill is generated if there are new charges or payments during that billing period.  The electronic billing statement is available for access in accesSPoint. 

Student no longer enrolled at UW-Stevens Point will receive a paper billing statement in the mail if they have current outstanding charges.  If students still have access to their accesSPoint account, they can also view their bills electronically. 

To Obtain a Copy of E-Bill Statement:

  • In accesSPoint, click on the Financial Account/Billing Tile 
  • Select Invoices/Bills from the side menu bar
  • A list of available bills will appear sorted by the date of the bill
  • Select the appropriate bill, a PDF version of that bill will then appear

​Financial Aid Pay Permission

Federal student aid is established to pay allowable institutional charges such as tuition and fees, room and board, and other required educational expenses.  Students can grant Financial Aid permission to pay other expenses on their account, such as printing, parking, study abroad expenses and other miscellaneous fees.  

To Grant Financial Aid Pay Permission:

  • In accesSPoint, click on the Financial Account/Billing Tile
  • Select Financial Aid Pay Permission from the side menu bar
  • Select Grant Permissions
  • Review the Permission Form and Select Next
  • If you have read and agree to the terms, check "Yes, I have read the agreement" and click Submit

Parent and Guest Access

​Students have the ability to grant permission for a parent or guest to access specific student account information including student account activity, e-bills, 1098T tax forms, as well as the the ability to make a payment.  A student may revoke access to a parent/guest at any time, without notice to the parent/guest.

Students and Delegates can find step-by-step guides on granting delegate access as well as creating their delegate account on the Tutorials page of the accesSPoint Help webpage.