​Student Refunds

Student refunds are processed weekly.  Refunds that are not the result of Financial Aid are not processed during the four week drop/add period at the start of each semester.  

If a credit balance results from a credit card payment made within the last 6 months, the credit card will be refunded up to the original payment amount. 

Direct Deposit refunds are processed at least twice per week.  You will see the refund on your student account once it has been processed.  Please allow 3-4 business days after processing for the funds to appear in your bank account.  Paper check refunds are issued at the end of each week and can take up to 10 days to be received.  Paper checks are mailed to your local address if you are currently registered, or to your home address if you are no longer attending UWSP.

 Direct Deposit for Refunds

Direct Deposit for Refunds

To sign up for direct deposit: 

  • In accesSPoint, go to the task section of your account
  • If you have not already enrolled in direct deposit, there will be a task titled "SF Direct Deposit"
  • Select that task in your To Do List 
  • Select the green "Sign up for Direct Deposit" button
This is an optional task for students, but can speed up your receipt of all potential refunds.  

Note, to sign up for direct deposit, you will need to have your personal bank account information and your bank's routing number - this is where your refund will be deposited.  Do not enter the check number.    

Your bank account information and routing number can be found on the bottom of your personal checks: 
Image result for check routing number and bank account

 Financial Aid Refunds

Financial Aid Refunds

Financial Aid awarded will pay all institutional charges on your account.  Any excess amount will be refunded to you.  Students have the option to allow their financial aid disbursement to pay all changes on their account.  

To grant permission for all charges to be paid by Financial Aid:

  • Sign into your student account through accesSPoint
  • Go to your Financial Account/Billing tile
  • Choose the Financial Aid Pay Permission menu option
  • Click on the Account Services tab
  • Click on the Grant Permissions button
  • Read and Submit your approval.

Financial Aid awarded is contingent upon continued enrollment and attendance in each class.  If you drop classes or withdraw from UWSP your Financial Aid eligibility may decrease and some or all of you financial aid may be revoked.  If financial aid is revoked the student is responsible for any unpaid balance on their account.  

If you have questions regarding your financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid and Veteran Services Office, (715)-346-4771. Your University account information can be viewed at accesSPoint.