​New First-Year Student Academic Advising and Course Registration  

Congratulations on your admission to UW-Stevens Point! All incoming first-year students will meet virtually with an academic adviser from our Academic and Career Advising Center (ACAC). During the appointment, students and advisers discuss major/career interests, review previous college credits earned prior to UWSP, explore course options and register for the first semester at UWSP. 

Timeline for new first-year students

Advising and registration appointments for new first-year students starting in a fall semester begin in late-May and continue through the summer.

Advising and registration appointments for new first-year students starting in a spring semester begin in mid-December. 

Scheduling my advising and registration appointment

  • If you haven't already done so, confirm your admission with the Office of Admissions and Recruitment.
  • Watch your UWSP email. You will be invited to schedule you academic advising and course registration appointment by email. Your invitation will include a link to schedule online with an academic adviser. Invitations will be sent to students who have confirmed their UWSP admission in early March (fall semester start) and early December (spring semester start). For help accessing your UWSP email, click here or call the UWSP Service Desk
  • Please contact our Academic and Career Advising Center at 715-346-3226 or acac@uwsp.edu if you need assistance scheduling. 

Preparing for your appointment 

Report your college courses and AP/IB credit

Your adviser will benefit from knowing any possible college credit you may have earned while in high school, through college/university courses, dual enrollment or credit by exam (AP/IB/CAPP). The advising invitation you receive will have access to an online reporting form. Please complete it as soon as possible - even if you don't have test scores back yet. The more information your adviser has about your previous/possible college credit, the better advice they can provide for your first semester in college. 

The form to report credits to your adviser is also available here

Take the UW System Placement Exams

Register for the UW System Online Placement Exams (beginning in March) and take the exams at least 3 weeks prior to your academic advising and registration appointment. 

We recommend all students take the English and Math Placement Exams. Students who have taken at least one year of a World Language are strongly encouraged to take the appropriate test in their language - even if they do not plan to continue that language in college. 

About your advising appointment

The day before your appointment, you will receive an email reminder (sent to your UWSP email) that will include your adviser's Zoom link. Please make every effort to meet with your academic adviser on Zoom: 1) during your originally scheduled appointment time, 2) from a quiet location, 3) using a computer (if possible). If you have trouble connecting to your appointment, contact our Academic and Career Advising Center at 715-346-3226. Students who miss their appointment can experience a lengthy delay before the next available appointment in May and June.

If you are nervous about your advising and registration appointment, that is OK - we hear that a lot. Here is an idea of what you can expect from your first meeting with your academic adviser. Your adviser will: 

  • Introduce themself and ask you about yourself 

  • Briefly explain the role of an academic adviser 

  • Confirm any college credits you may be bringing with you from courses or exams 

  • Ask you about your major and career interests. If you are not sure, that's ok. Your adviser will share resources with you to help begin your exploration

  • Discuss course options and build a schedule for your first semester of classes 

  • Help guide you through the course registration process and show you where to find your schedule in the future 

  • Check in on any final questions you have

Your adviser wants you to be successful. Please share any information about yourself that will help your adviser understand your needs as a student. We look forward to partnering with you as you begin your journey at UWSP!