​School of Education Weekly Newsletter

For the week of: May 12, 2014 

Happy Finals Week!  

We  hope everyone is doing well and is well-prepared for exam week. Before your brain shuts down for summer, here is a checklist of things to consider for the break:  

PRAXIS I/Basic Skills Standardized Test
Remember, this policy has recently changed and some of you may have met this requirement to apply to the Education Program with test scores on ACT, SAT or CGRE. For more information on these new, very specific rules, see our website.  You recently received an email from John Gaffney with additional details. 

Study materials are listed in the “Resources” section of this newsletter. The PLATO online training program seems to get the best results on the Praxis I test, but it does take time to study.  The fee is $10 and you need to can register in our office, 469 CPS, with the $10 fee (check, cash or money order).  You may want to do this before you leave for break.    

Pre-Professional Interview 
If you are a major in early childhood, elementary, physical education or special education, you are required to pass this interview prior to applying to the program. If you plan on applying to the Program by the September 22 deadline, we will do have interview dates set up for June and July. We will offer a limited number of seats starting the week before school starts in the fall. If you plan on applying to the Program next February, we recommend taking this interview between September 23 and November 1, 2014. You can register in our office, 469 CPS, with the $35 fee (check, cash or money order).  For summer, you can also register by phone if you are no longer in Stevens Point. The interview can be done in person or by phone. 

Secondary/K-12 Application Requirements
Many of the Secondary/K-12 programs have application requirements that ask students to write essays, create a resume, and/or develop an application portfolio in order to apply to the Professional Education Program. If your program has any of these additional requirements, take some time this summer to work on these tasks. These tasks are more manageable in the Winterim when you do not have to worry about other course work to complete. For more information on additional requirements, see our Enrollment Cap section of our website 

PRAXIS II/ACTLF Tests (ACTFL is only required of teaching majors or minors in French, German or Spanish)
We recommend completing the Praxis II by the spring of your junior year, or at least 3 semesters prior to student teaching. We recommend completing the ACTFL test as soon as you return from studying abroad. Remember, you must have a passing score on your required test(s) by the beginning of the semester prior to student teaching – this is when your student teaching applications go out to the school districts. Remember to have your SOE Undergraduate Handbook open to the Content Test section and make sure you are registering for the proper test code. Study materials are listed in the “Resources” section of this newsletter.   

Spring 2015 Student Teachers
Make sure to work on the Resume required for student teaching and sign up for one of the mandatory meetings. Summer is a great time to get this done as you will have a lot more paperwork to take care of once you attend the meetings. You all received an email from Pat Marinac with directions.

Fall 2014 Student Teachers
Just a reminder that you have a mandatory student teaching meeting yet this week. Pat Marinac has sent you emails with this information and we discussed dates and times are your student teaching application meetings. 

Spring 2014 Student Teachers 
It has been such a joy working with you all throughout the years. Please make sure to let us know where and when you get your first teaching job. You can email Pat Marinac, John Gaffney or Maggie Beeber. Don’t forget we are here if you need us. We will miss you!

SOE Advising Guide/Handbook Review
Take your SOE Advising Guide or Undergraduate Handbook to the your summer break place and review the information enclosed. Reviewing your advising guide/handbook is the best way to make sure you are staying on course with the School of Education requirements.

Rest up 
It's break-take some time to rest and rejuvenate yourself. If you are heading out of town for the summer, we will see you next fall. If you are staying in Stevens Point for the break, stop in and see us if you are on campus. Remember, advising staff works throughout the summer. If you need any assistance or if you need to talk something through, just give us a call or email. If you need help, please contact us. 

Have a great summer break! 

John Gaffney and Maggie Beeber​

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