​School of Education Weekly Newsletter

Week of March 30, 2015

Welcome to week ten of the spring semester!
Special section designations for some courses:
Read the timetable carefully.  Many courses have designated specific sections for specific majors/minors.  Due to the current budget situation, it will be important that you register correctly.  Students who register incorrectly will not be guaranteed a seat in the appropriate section.

Education 367 – course conflicts with this course:
Just a heads-up that if you are taking a course that conflicts with Educ 367 this fall for a ½ hour (10-10:30), please know that Dr. Caro is aware of the situation and will work with you on this. If you are in this situation, do the following:
  • Pre-register for Educ 367, but do not enter a conflict in the pre-registration system or the system will not allow us to put you in the course. 
  • Email Dr. Caro to inform her that you are one of the students that has this conflict.
  • Register as usual, and ignore this one conflict.  They system will allow you to register.
Education 397 – course conflicts with this course:
If you plan on taking EDUC 397 this coming fall, we have already heard there are conflicts with other classes.  We plan on resolving that once you are all registered. If you plan to take Education 397, do the following:
  • Pre-register for EDUC 397, but do not enter a conflict in the pre-registration system or the system will not allow us to put you in the course.
  • Register as usual and ignore the schedule conflict for this course.
  • Once all students are registered for the course, we will come up with a new time for Education 397 that fits in everyone's schedules.
History 176 and 177 – now approved as US Diversity
Some of you may have noticed that History 176 and 177 now have a “US Diversity” designation for the new GEP program.  Here is what you need to know:
  • ​If you took either one of these courses prior to this coming summer, they will not count as your US Diversity.
  • If you take one of these courses in the future, it would count as your “US Diversity.”  If you take this as a “US Diversity” and you needed a “US Diversity” be careful and make sure that you will still have 120 credits to graduate.  Whenever you double up on courses like this, it means you have less credits to take.  UWSP requires 120 credits in order to graduate.
  • ECE, Elementary and Special Education majors who need both History 176 or 177 and the US Diversity course should see Maggie Beeber after April 1 to update their graduation plans and verify that they will have 120 credits to graduate.

Thank you for your patience.

Maggie Beeber and John Gaffney

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