​School of Education Weekly Newsletter

Week of Sept. 22, 2014

Welcome to week 4 of the semester. We hope your semester is starting to smooth out and you are finding routines that help you succeed.

Getting experiences now to help you with successfully being placed for student teaching and finding a job later:
All of our students, freshmen through seniors, should be actively engaged in the schools, student organizations and our community.  Many students have specific schools and school districts in mind to eventually 1) student teach in and 2) get hired in.  Those students who have experiences in those schools and districts prior to student teaching and looking for a job are much more successful in achieving these goals.  

We recommend that every student get involved in the following opportunities every semester in order to achieve the ultimate goal of getting hired as a full-time teacher upon graduation.  Don’t forget to keep track of these experiences now so you do not have to try to remember them all when it is time to write your resume.
  • Student organizations – We recommend getting involved in one of the student organizations having to do with teaching.  Watch your email, visit our SOE website and look for information in the SOE newsletter for information on their events, meetings and how to get involved.  There are many more organizations outside of education that you may be interested in for personal reasons.  For more information on the many student organization at UW-Stevens Point, please visit the Student Involvement and Employment website.  Those who are a leader in an organization can also show a future employer that you have leadership qualities an skills they are looking for in the teachers they hire.  

  • Jobs and volunteer experiences working with children – Whether you are tutoring one day a week in the schools or privately tutoring a child, working at the YMCA, volunteering in a classroom, or even just helping out at one event a semester, these are the kinds of opportunities that will ultimately help you reach your goal of getting that first teaching job.  Students who work and volunteer with children find that it helps them learn more about children, motivate them to excel in their university education, and show school districts that they are a dedicated teacher and leader in their schools and community when they eventually send their resume out for a job.  This newsletter has jobs and volunteer opportunities listed every week. Some are simply one day events and some are long term commitments.  In addition, the Student Involvement and Employment website has many other job and volunteer opportunities listed for Stevens Point and surrounding communities.   
An engaged student is a successful student!

Maggie Beeber and John Gaffney

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  • Student Council for Exceptional Children meeting - Sept. 23 (NEW)

  • Point in Common Series - Oct. 13


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  • Join StWEA  

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  • Praxis II Online Preparation available for ECE, Elementary, Special Education majors/minors and Secondary English, Math, Science, and Social Science
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