Pointers Connect Internship (PCI) Program Facts for Employers

Intern Ethan Hanson

About the Program

The Pointers Connect Internship (PCI) Program connects Central Wisconsin small businesses and nonprofits (501c3) to a pipeline of diverse talent. Participating organizations are reimbursed for providing paid internships to junior and senior first-generation students, nontraditional students, or students eligible for the Federal Pell Grant.

The Benefits

  • $1,500 reimbursement
  • Access to a diverse pool of talent
  • Promotion of your position
  • Support from our office

PCI Program Details

  • Employers can hire up to two interns per term or a maximum of six per year
  • Students should complete up to 150 hours of work
  • Internships typically last 10-15 weeks
  • Interns are paid a minimum of $10 per hour from your own payroll
  • You may offer more hours or higher pay, but we will only reimburse up to $1,500 for 150 hours of work
  • If the student chooses to earn credit, they must receive approval from their academic department

Getting Started

New employers should contact the PCI Coordinator to discuss program eligibility.

  • All internships are posted on Handshake.
  • Visit uwsp.joinhandshake.com
  • Choose the "employer" account type and follow the instructions to set up your account
  • Post your position on Handshake and notify the PCI Coordinator about the posting
  • The PCI Coordinator will review the position for acceptance into the PCI Program
  • Students can apply to you directly or through Handshake; just specify which documents you want them to send (resume, cover letter, etc.)


  1. Create an account on UWSP's Handshake platform and post your position.
  2. Notify the PCI Coordinator that your positions are ready for review.
  3. The PCI Coordinator reviews your position(s), approves them for the PCI Program and promotes them to students
  4. Students apply directly to you
  5. Review applications. Contact the PCI Coordinator to confirm applicants' eligibility before requesting an interview
  6. Interview students, and make internship offers to those you want to hire
  7. Notify the PCI Coordinator of your hire
  8. Send Official Documentation:
    1. Complete the Employer Contract
    2. Have your new intern complete the Student Contract
    3. Return the two completed contracts to the PCI Coordinator
  9. Start working together! Employ and mentor your student intern during an internship
  10. At the End of the Internship:
    1. Complete the employer survey
    2. Submit a final pay stub to the PCI Coordinator for reimbursement
    3. The PCI Program reimburses you $1500 for giving your intern a great experience*

How We Reimburse You

At the end of the student's internship, complete the employer survey and send the PCI Coordinator the following documents:

  • A pay stub proving the student worked 150 hours and was paid $10/hour*
  • Your W9 Form (first internship only)
  • An invoice for $1,500, if desired
  • Please note that we cannot reimburse interns’ wages until we have received your contracts, the internship is complete, and the employer survey is done

*If the student does not complete 150 hours, we will reimburse you up to the amount completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my organization is eligible to participate in the PCI Program?
Email the PCI Coordinator to discuss your organization's eligibility.

How do I know if a student is eligible?
The PCI Coordinator will check students' eligibilty. Just send the student's name prior to an interview.

Can I hire a student more than once?
Each student is only eligible for one PCI Program experience. You may re-hire students outside of PCI funding.

How many internships do you sponsor each semester?
We sponsor 50 internships per year, or 15-20 positions per semester on a first-hired, first-served basis.

Are students required to earn credit for their internships?
Students may participate in the program without earning credit. If a student chooses to earn credit, they must obtain approval from their academic department. Departments may have additional requirements.

Additional Questions?

Please contact the PCI Coordinator: ucolinternships@uwsp.edu or 715-346-3226.