UW-Stevens Point's Cornerstone Press to launch newest creative nonfiction collection

​Cornerstone Press is releasing a new book of short
nonfiction works by Ohio author Robert Miltner.

Cornerstone Press, the student-staffed publishing company at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, will launch its newest book, a collection of short nonfiction works, next week.

Cornerstone Press will release "Ohio Apertures" by Ohio writer Robert Miltner at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 18, through Zoom webinar. Those interested must sign up at https://forms.gle/PedA6AyDddTVGdq28, which sends a link to the webinar to participants, or by emailing uwspcornerstonepress@gmail.com. The event will feature a question-and-answer session with the author and discussion of his new book.

"Ohio Apertures" is the inaugural volume in a new Back Home Series, dedicated to publishing nonfiction books on or about the Midwest. It will be available for pre-order through www.uwsp.edu/cornerstone and during the launch event. The book will be for sale on the press website and Amazon.com after March 18. For more information, visit @uwspcornerstonepress on Facebook.

Miltner's book provides a wide lens view of what it means to be an Ohioan and a Midwesterner. This collection of flash memoirs includes musings of Ohio's river-carved landscape, small-town and big-city living, and personal narratives of life's highs and lows. Miltner depicts the Midwest as residents know it best: a region teeming with life, history and beauty.

"Working with Robert Miltner was such an incredible experience," said Gavrielle McClung, Cornerstone's editor-in-chief.  "Miltner's work is contemplative, personal and intelligent, and I learned so much about what nonfiction and memoir should look like from editing this collection."

Miltner, who currently resides in North Canton, Ohio, is also the author of two prose poetry collections, "Hotel Utopia" and "Orpheus & Echo," as well as a short story collection, "And Your Bird Can Sing." He has won several awards, including an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence in Poetry Award. Miltner is professor emeritus of English at Kent State University-Stark and its Northeast Ohio Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program. 

Cornerstone Press, established in 1984, is made up primarily of students in the English: Writing, Editing, and Publishing major and writing minors offered at UW-Stevens Point. It operates with the support of the English Department and is directed by Ross Tangedal, assistant professor of English. Students gain hands-on experience in all aspects of publishing, from acquisitions to marketing the finished product, with courses highlighting editing, design and management.

Tangedal is pleased to add Miltner's collection to Cornerstone's expanding list of publications.  "Robert Miltner is a class act, a thoughtful storyteller and a graceful artist," Tangedal said. "'Ohio Apertures' rings with the kind of truth that lived experience brings, and it is the perfect way to usher in the new Back Home Series at Cornerstone Press, which endeavors to bring Midwestern nonfiction to the fore."


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