Nigel Golden​​


Nigel Golden was taught the importance of education, hard work and selflessness at a young age. Growing up in inner city Milwaukee, he discovered his love for animals and a curiosity for the outdoors when, in high school, he joined an animal welfare group and took an advanced placement biology course.

Now a junior majoring in biology and wildlife ecology: research and management at UW-Stevens Point, he hopes to work in a national wildlife refuge or at a university, where he could be dedicated to research and mentoring students.

Nigel chose UW-Stevens Point because of the university’s reputation and programs in Natural Resources. “I heard and read that no other university in Wisconsin could match it in terms of this area.” He also received the Noel Compass Scholarship, sponsored by the local Noel Group and Travel Guard insurance company.

“One of the things that a scholarship does is it really gives you expectations that you wouldn’t have for yourself, and expectations that you want to live up to,” he says.

A turning point in his college career was when he was accepted into the professional program Minorities Striving to Pursue Higher Degrees of Success (MS PHD'S). Striving to help minorities in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields pursue their masters and Ph.D., MS PHD'S paid for him to attend a conference in San Francisco where he met other bachelor, master and Ph.D. students.

“They really changed my life and renewed my vigor for higher education learning,” said Nigel.

He has also helped with turtle nest digging as an intern with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and worked with The Wildlife Society and UW-Stevens Point Associate Professor Tim Ginnett in a bear denning and tracking project at Clam Lake.

“I value intelligence, knowledge and competence and I do have standards to which I strive to complete,” he said. “There is always something new to learn. It’s never ending knowledge and it’s something you can take with you and keep for the rest of your life.”


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