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The 2023 ASI 2-week Intensive Chamber Music Camp is a high-level experience for the advanced string and piano student. The One-week Chamber Camp follows the same requirements for placement:  
  • Violinists: Bach A Minor Concerto (Book 7) level and above
  • Violists: Telemann Concerto - (Book 4 level)  and above
  • Cellists: Book 5 and above
  • Pianists: beyond the Suzuki repertoire. 
  • Double Bass – based upon teacher recommendation 

Fees: 2-week - $985; 1-week - $565

Those who enroll in this program need to have well-developed reading skills and experience maintaining rhythmic independence. Acceptance for advanced double bass students will be based on teacher recommendations. Pre-formed chamber ensembles are allowed with the consent of the students' home teachers and the permission of the Chamber Music Coordinator.

The weekday schedule includes a 3-person master class, a repertoire class, a technique class, a chamber ensemble, and orchestra or piano ensemble. The Chamber Music Student Orchestras will perform in concert on Thursday evening of week 2. Concert attire consists of a white top and black bottom or all black. Please pack appropriately.

 Chamber Music Placement Video Guidelines

  • The placement video is not an audition, and will not be used to determine acceptance to the chamber music program. The placement video is a tool to ensure applicants are placed in an ensemble with other students of a similar playing level. 
  • All chamber music applicants are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis until spots are filled. 
  • A placement video will allow ASI faculty to more quickly and easily assess and address the strengths and areas for improvement in each ensemble, in order to maximize all students' enjoyment and learning experience. 
  • Link to the YouTube video must be submitted with your Chamber Music Program Assessment Form by June 1. Video must be set as "unlisted" and "not appropriate for kids." More information can be found on the video submissions tab below. 
  • Submissions should include one piece of music – title of the piece and your name should be included on your YouTube video. 
  • Music does not need to be memorized.
  • Piano accompaniment is recommended for string players.
  • All submissions should be reviewed by the home teacher prior to submission.
  • Performances should reflect the home teacher’s highest expectation for the student.

Orchestra and ensemble music will be distributed once all registrations are received and the groups are formed.

If you are aged 13-17, you might want to be a part of the teen dorm. Many students enjoy the bond that forms in this very special part of ASI - some of those bonds become lifelong friendships!​​​​

Chamber Music Students must bring their own music stands (label all parts).

A limited number of scholarships are available for cellists and violists participating in the 2-week Intensive Chamber Music Camp. Please navigate to the Scholarship Page to view forms and requirements.

All chamber music students must complete the ​forms listed in the dropdown below in addition to the placement video

 Teen Dorm Information

Teen Dorm - a Great Place to Be 

IMG_9091(1).jpgThe teen dorm is a long-standing tradition for students who attend the Chamber Music portion of the Institute - for good reason. The camaraderie that develops often creates lifelong friendships. It contributes to ensembles working together on many levels. Best of all, it's a lot of FUN!

Here are some important pieces of information about the Teen Dorm:

  1. Students must be at least 13 years of age to be a part of the teen dorm. No exceptions.
  2. Students younger than age 13 may stay in the dorm with a parent, but counselors will not be responsible for those students. A parent must accompany them as they move from class to class. 
  3. Teen dorm residents will be housed according to gender in an area on separate floors, wings, or dorms. A counselor of the same gender will be housed in the same floor or wing.
  4. ASI will provide an experienced counselor for every 10 campers. The counselors are responsible for the whereabouts of their assigned campers at all times. The campers are responsible for respecting the code of conduct as set forth by counselors and in ASI documentation. Respect is expected from all parties in attendance.
  5. Special activities are offered for the teen dorm campers. 
  6. Linens will not be provided in the dorms. Please bring your favorite blanket, sheets, pillow and towels to make ASI feel like your "home away from home."

 Chamber Music FAQs

Q: Can my child be a part of the Chamber Music Program and not stay in the teen dorm? 

A: Yes, but only if the parent accompanies that child to and from classes and stays with the child in the dorm or other accommodations. 

    Q: Can I attend the chamber music classes with my child?

    A: Yes, provided that the room capacity permits

    ​Q: Is there a dress code for orchestra and chamber performances.

    A: Yes. The standard for orchestras and chamber groups is either all black or a white top and black bottom.

     Chamber Music Forms

    Links to the 2023 Chamber Music Forms 

    Quartet.jpegChamber music participants should complete the following forms:​ 

    ​​ ​

    FREE Tee Shirt for every ASI participant. 

    Additional shirts can be purchased for $22.