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GROW is a certification program that recognizes campus offices that serve as leaders in sust​ainability by lessening their environmental impact. Through this program, we hope to challenge staff and students throughout UWSP to foster healthier, more environmentally friendly workspaces through individual and collective actions.

Our focus areas include:

  • Transportation

  • Waste Reduction

  • Purchasing

  • Energy Efficiency

  • ​​Special Events​

  • Community Engagement

How to Become Certified:

  1. Complete the GROW Interest Form to schedule a meeting with the GROW program coordinator

  2. Complete a 30-minute training with the GROW program coordinator ​(link to presentation​)

  3. Assign a GROW team leader

  4. Implement sustainable changes to your office

  5. Complete the GROW checklist (to be completed after implementing changes), you can review your most recent checklist submission here

  6. The application will be reviewed and receive the proper reward, valid for 3 years!