Tobacco-Cessation Resources

General tobacco cessation

Wisconsin Tobacco Quit

The Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line offers free, 24/7 confidential, non-judgmental coaching and information about how to quit tobacco. Quit coaches help each caller develop an individualized quit plan. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or visit

Tobacco Free U

Tobacco Free U offers information on how to help a friend or family member quit using tobacco and descriptions of various medications that can help. Visit is intended to help you or someone you care about quit smoking. Different people need different resources as they try to quit smoking cigarettes. The information and professional assistance available on this website can help support your immediate and long-term needs as you become, and remain, a nonsmoker

Smokeless tobacco cessation

National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research

This site is intended to help you make your own plan for quitting by offering information about smokeless tobacco, addiction, myths and truths, and ways to develop a quit plan. Visit the NIDCR website.

My Last Dip

My Last Dip offers help in quitting smokeless tobacco. When a user goes to the site, there are daily polls asking various questions about smokeless tobacco use. Visit

Kill the Can

Kill the Can helps users quit dip, smokeless tobacco and chewing tobacco. This site offers an online community dedicated to quitting smokeless tobacco and supporting each other in their struggles. Visit

Cessation support for students

Student Health Service — visit us at

Student Health Service offers:

  1. Individual support and counseling with trained health care professionals
  2. Support groups
  3. Free or reduced-cost nicotine-replacement products including nicotine patches (also available through the Wisconsin Quit Line), nicotine gum and herbal (tobacco-free) snuff products
  4. Prescription medication to help smokers and chewing tobacco users quit

To schedule an individual appointment with a medical provider, inquire about available support groups or ask any other questions, please call Student Health Service at 715-346-4646.

Cessation support for faculty and staff

Security Health Plan


Employee Wellness Website