Residency Requirement

UWSP Housing and Residence Life follows the UW Board of Regents' live-on requirement. Exceptions to the Board of Regents' Policy must be met prior to the fall semester, as the housing contract is a binding contract for one full academic term. As such, it cannot be terminated due to reaching an exception milestone during the academic year (age, high school graduation date of two years). 

​Resolution 173, May 5, 1972

UW-Stevens Point requires all students who are two years or less out of high school to live on campus. Students who are not veterans, married, or living with parent(s) or guardian(s) within the 40-mile radius, are required to live in a university-operated residence hall when such accommodations are available.

Housing and Residence Life has the obligation to enforce both the Board of Regents' Policy and the terms of the Housing and Dining Contract. Students enrolled at UWSP beginning with the fall semester must meet one or more exception criteria by the first day of fall semester classes to be exempt from living on campus that academic year. 

​Application for Exemption to Housing Requirement 

The UWSP Housing Exemption Form is due no later than August 1 prior to the start of the applicable academic year and December 1 for spring admits. I understand my exemption will be denied if I do not provide a completed application with accurate information and supporting documentation. 

UWSP Application for Exemption to Housing Requirement Form

  • For the 2023-24 academic year, you must have graduated f​rom high school in or before June 2021 to qualify for an exemption

  • For the 2024-25 academic year, you must have graduated from high school in or before June 2022 to qualify for an exemption.

  • For the 2025-26 academic year, you must have graduated from high school in or before June 2023 to qualify for an exemption.

​If a student has other extenuating circumstances for which they feel an exemption should be granted, a written request must be submitted to Housing and Residence Life no later than August 1 prior to the start of the applicable academic year and December 1 for spring admits. Students are encouraged to include any information they believe will support their request.
​Below outlines common situations and reasons for a student to be denied an exemption and or a contract release.

 Unhappy with residence hall life

Living in a residence hall has its challenges, as it is a new experience for most students and requires adjusting to a new living lifestyle. If the student has made an adjustment to the hall environment and is still unhappy, a residence hall change, room/floor change, or a roommate change is generally the most effective solution. If things continue to be an issue, Housing and Residence Life staff is available to work with the student, which involves participation by the student to help find a solution. 

 Graduated high school early and/or attended college a semester early (usually spring start date)

​UWSP interprets the Board of Regents' Housing Policy that all freshman and sophomore students must live on campus by using high school graduation date. As such, a student must be two or more years out of high school to be exempt from the Board of Regents' policy. Since the housing contract is for a full academic year, a student must meet this criterion PRIOR to the start of the fall semester classes. As such, those students who graduated high school a semester early do NOT qualify for a contract release during the academic year.

 Students who have reached the age of 21 years

​Students entering into a contract beginning with the fall semester must qualify by the first day of the semester classes. Student age is not considered for students who were not required to live on campus based on the policy and choose to sign a contract.

 Commuting (living with a parent/legal guardian)

​Students living with a parent/legal guardian and commuting from within a 40-mile radius of Stevens Point need to fill out a Commuter Statement form (completed by student and parent/legal guardian). The choice to commute from the residence of a parent or legal guardian can be made either before or after signing the housing contract; however, students cannot change to commuting once they move into the residence halls. The policy does not allow for living with siblings, grandparents, other relatives, or fiancee/significant other. Permission to live with a relative must be based on extraordinary and/or compelling circumstances with documentation.

 Health/disability conditions where on-campus can provide an accessible living environment

​Even with medical documentation, most medical conditions DO NOT automatically release one from the contract. The student's medical professional needs to document the medical condition and outline specific needs. We will work with individual students to make residence hall rooms environmentally and health-friendly. The alternative living option you are proposing will be considered during the decision-making process. When reviewing requests for exemptions/releases that are based on disability, students are expected to discuss the barriers that they are experiencing in the living environment. Once those barriers are identified, solutions will be discussed between the student and staff members. The campus can usually create an accessible living environment. Students will only be released when the campus cannot create an accessible living environment.

If you determine that additional disability-related accommodations are necessary, please contact the UWSP Disability Resource Center (DRC) at 715-346-3365, or visit 

 Financial difficulty

​A lack of funds is not a basis for a release. Financial aid is available to those who qualify based on need. Finances for the academic year should be considered prior to activate the contract and/or enrollment to the University. Late notice or inadequate notice from the Financial Aid office is not grounds for a release. Housing and Residence Life relies on the expertise of the Financial Aid office to determine if a student has a sufficient financial aid package to attend UW-Stevens Point.

 Online Courses

The choice to register for all online courses is not an acceptable basis for a release. Students who change to an online program/major and include documentation showing participation in an online degree will be considered. Students who are enrolled in extension and or online degree programs found HERE, should list which programs.

 Military (exempt and non-exempt)

​Students who have served two years of active duty with the military can be exempt from the living requirement (a copy of Form DD214 must be submitted). Those students who are in ROTC, National Guard, and Reserve duty do not qualify for this exemption.

Do NOT sign a lease or other agreement for off-campus accommodations until/unless you've received a release from the requirement. Doing so will make you responsible for both the on-campus charges for room and board and the off-campus accommodations. 

 Questions About Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Housing 
  • Housing and Residece Life does not offer referrals to off-campus housing. Individuals seeking off-campus housing may want to consider the following resources: The Stevens Point Journal; The Buyer's Guide (a local advertising publication); and the UW-Stevens Point student newspaper, The Pointer. 
  • Some students have also found contacts via campus bulletin boards and other online bulletin boards. 
Family Housing 
  • All of the residence halls at UWSP are designed to accommodate individuals; we do not have family or married couple housing. The information above regarding off-campus housing will also offer you the most up-to-date information available on housing options. 
  • Student Legal Services (sponsored by the Student Government Association) offers helpful tips to individuals planning to rent accommodations.  
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