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Residence Hall Director

 Welcome to UW-Stevens Point

Dear Prospective Colleague, 

On behalf of myself and all the staff in the Department of Housing and Residence Life, I want to thank you for expressing an interest in the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. As you explore what will become the beginning of your new journey, we hope this site will provide you with information as to why Stevens Point is home. 

By joining our team, you will unlock a door that will offer you a world of exciting new experiences and opportunities with your career. We take pride in giving our residence hall directors a great deal of freedom to work on programming and professional development. We also foster meaningful connections with other departments on campus to engage, learn and grow. 

UW-Stevens Point is unlike any university that you will experience in your life. The campus and town are full of energy and excitement. If you decide UWSP is for you, you will be joining a community that will encourage, support, challenge, and inspires you. 

If UW-Stevens Point seems like it could be home for you, we welcome you to contact us for more information and what it means to be a Pointer!


Brian Faust he/him

 Position Description

Position Summary The department seeks candidates for at least one Residence Hall Director position. More than one position may be filled. The Residence Hall Director is a full-time, 12-month, live-in professional staff position and reports to the Assistant Director of Residential Living. The Residence Hall Director oversees the community building and administrative management of a residence hall housing up to 200-350 students. The main responsibilities of the position include student leader supervision and development, community and education development, student well-being and conduct, and administration management. 

In addition, professional development exists through the creation of a professional development plan that would contain a variety of experiences based on the interests and skills of the hall director. Through this position, the Residence Hall Director will provide and promote educational opportunities focusing on awareness and appreciation of cultural differences and building an inclusive and respectful community to prepare our students for a diverse world. 

Student Leader Supervision and Development   20%
Community and Educational Development   20%
Student Well-Being and Conduct   25%
Administration and Management   35%

Required Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 2-3 years of significant student leadership experience in residence halls on a college campus
  • Demonstrated direct supervision experience
  • Demonstrated administrative skills including an ability to manage multiple priorities
  • Demonstrated proficiency of communication skills, including verbal, written, and interpersonal

Preferred Qualifications
  • Master’s degree in area of student affairs, education, counseling, or related areas
  • Demonstrated ability to advise and coach student groups
  • Demonstrated initiative and experience in academic support
  • Previous residence hall or related experience
  • Experience working with diverse groups of students
  • Experience with the student conduct / judicial processes
  • Knowledge of assessment principles within higher education
  • Demonstrated experience working with crisis response
  • Strong decision-making skills and the ability to work autonomously
  • Ability to develop and nurture a positive community living environment in the residence hall

 Compensation and Benefits

Base Salary - $38,000​

Benefits include salary, a partially furnished apartment, meal stipend, comprehensive State of Wisconsin benefits package, departmental professional development travel funds, digital cable, internet, private in-hall storage, reserved parking, laptop computer, and a personal washer and dryer.

Please note that all totals are estimates and are not exact figures.

Fringe Benefits

(Social Security, Health Insurance, Retirement)

22 days of sick leave and 24 days of vacation per year

For information regarding medical benefit options, please visit our Human Resources website.


Your Hall Page

Partially furnished apartment including couches, dressers, kitchen table/chairs, and kitchen appliances. Also included are internet access, cable hookup, and private in-hall storage, and private entrance. 


Parking Pass paid for by the department ($250/year)


$2,000/year allowance and meals provided during training sessions

Professional Development Travel

Once professional development goals are established Hall Directors work with their supervisor to budget for conferences that will enhance their skill set.

Laundry Allowance

Unlimited use of private laundry (located in apartment or basement of the building)

 Professional Development Opportunities

​We are committed to providing ongoing, comprehensive development for our professional staff. Some of the many opportunities include collaborative opportunities with other student affairs and academic affairs areas including the Campus Activities and Student Engagement (CASE) office, Academic and Career Advising Center (ACAC), Dean of Students (DOS) office, and many more.

UWSP committee involvement includes:
  • Assessment Committee 
  • Community Development Model Committee 
  • Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (EDI) Committee 
  • National Residence Hall Honorary Advisor
  • Professional Selection Committee 
  • Professional Training Committee 
  • Residence Hall Association Advisor
  • Student Selection Committee
  • Student Training Committee

Involvement in professional associations include: 
  • WCPA (Wisconsin College Personnel Association)
  • UMR-ACUHO (Upper Midwest Region of the Association of College and University Housing Officers)
  • ACUHO-I (Association of College and University Housing Officers-International)
  • ACPA (College Student Educators International)
  • NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education)

 Point Perspectives


Hey y’all! My name is Cheyenne Brocker (she/her/hers) and I am currently in my second year as the Watson Residence Hall Director here at UWSP. When interviewing with our team, I was looking for a group of people that I could spend time with in and out of work since my loved ones aren’t super close to campus. I was able to find that here! Between summer nights on the square, watching the Bachelorette together, or even just grabbing lunch, it’s been great to have a team of folks who I can connect with outside of being a Hall Director. The best part of my experience so far (aside from my students, of course), has been the opportunity for professional development. I have had the opportunity to serve on committees within our department, be a committee chair, serve on a hiring committee for different positions across campus, and most recently joined an ad-hoc committee for the advancement of First-Gen students. If there’s something you’re passionate about, our Central Staff will work with you to make it happen! I am thrilled to be a Pointer I hope that you see can UWSP as your future home. Go Dawgs!​

Cheyenne Brocker she/her, Watson Residence Hall Director 


My name is Emily Johnson (she/her), I am in my fourth year here at UWSP and am the Complex Director for Pray-Sims and Smith Halls. In reflecting on my time at Point, there are three main reasons why I continue to come back and work in housing at UWSP. The first being the students! We hear it all the time in our field, the students are the reasons we show up to work every day, and at Point we strive to keep the students at the center of our why. I get reminded every day how amazing our students are and the things they can and will achieve. The second reason I love working at Point is the other Hall Directors I get to work with! We are all supportive of each other and want to see each other grow and learn in our roles. I remember leaving my on-campus interview four years ago and thinking to myself “I can see myself here and working on this team!” It was one of the best feelings I could have had from an on campus. Finally, the opportunities I have gained in this role. I have been able to work with campus partners, serve on various committees, and create a complex community between two buildings, which allows me to continue to gain professional development each year. In my time in Housing and Residence Life at UWSP, I have seen the changes we are making to better our department, the ways we keep our students at the core of our work, and the growth I have had personally and professionally from being in this department.​

Emily Johnson she/her, Pray-Sims/Smith Complex Director 


I have been a part of the team as of January 2021 when I first started as a Graduate Student Hall Director. This past June, I transitioned from a Graduate role to a full-time Hall Director, and they made it so easy and comfortable for me to do so. Even as a graduate student, you feel no less just because of your experience and role. You are treated with respect, your ideas and opinions matter, you have a voice that is heard, and there are so many different opportunities to grow in this position and field. When it comes to your student staff, it feels amazing and you feel accomplished when you watch them all grow into the best versions of themselves and accomplish so much whether that is professionally, personally, or in school, in just a short period of time - on hard days, you remember the ‘WHY’ you chose this field, and it is all worth it.​

Summer Thompson she/her, Thomson Residence Hall Director 



Howdy! My name is Rylee Fabry (he/him/his), as a new Hall Director coming from another professional position, I was nervous to be joining a much larger team than just a department of myself at my previous institution. During my transition to UWSP, I have been challenged and supported by not only my supervisor but also by my colleagues around campus. I have been given unique opportunities such as serving on scholarship committees, co-chairing the professional staff selection committee and even being able to become involved within the UMR-ACUHO region, the professional organization for Housing and Residence Life staff members. When looking at my next position, I wanted to be semi-close to my immediate family members as I wanted to continue to be able to see my niece on a regular basis and still be able to be far enough away that my family would have to call me before randomly showing up. Outside of work, I have been able to find a community of PokémonGo enthusiasts just like me and be able to have connections outside of UWSP and have a sense of belonging to the Stevens Point Community. I am excited to continue to become actively involved in the Stevens Point Community as I continue my journey here at UWSP, it truly has started to feel like home.​

Rylee Fabry he/him, Knutzen Residence Hall Director 


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