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Graduation Audit

It is your responsibility to make sure all the requirements for your degree are complete. Check your Degree Progress Report and ask questions about any requirement that does not show complete. ("Satisfied" means a requirement is complete with courses in progress. "Not Satisfied" means you have a problem!).  

  • Questions about majors and minors should be directed to the appropriate academic department.

  • Once you have applied to graduate and have registered for your final semester, general education requirements (GDR or GEP) will be checked by the Registrar's Office and you will be notified of any general education deficiencies.
  • All grades, transfer work, and grade changes must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar within 30 days of the official graduation date. If all your requirements are not complete, you will not be approved for graduation.

  • Any communication regarding your degree requirements will be sent to you via your UWSP email. It is important that you check your UWSP email regularly even after your final semester is completed. If any issues arise after the semester that may prevent you from graduating, or if your degree is not approved, you will be notified only through your UWSP email.

Contact the graduation auditor if you have any questions about your Degree Progress Report (DPR) or any other graduation requirements.

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