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Disney College Program Information Sheet

The following information is provided to assist you in your application process for a position with the Disney College Program. If you are ultimately offered and accept a position with Disney World, it is important that you do not just leave UWSP without making appropriate arrangements in advance. You will not be considered a continuing student at UWSP during the semester you are working at Disney UNLESS you are enrolled for academic credit through the Disney College Program AND are registered for Cooperative Education 001 credit through UWSP.

If you are planning to pursue academic credit for your Disney experience, please give careful consideration to the following:

  • Are the courses pertinent to your academic program?
  • How many courses will you be able to take?
  • Do you need additional “elective” credit toward the 120 credits required to graduate?
  • The Disney courses will be accepted by UWSP as “elective” credit and not necessarily in your major.
  • Will you have time to take courses while you are engaged in your Disney work experience?

Should you decide to take courses, you may want to consider one of the following two options for earning credit:

  1. Contact the chair of the academic department of your major and ask whether you could enroll for one or more courses at UWSP (e.g., independent study, practicum, internship, etc.) that the department would judge to be equivalent to your Disney experience/coursework. This is both a more complicated and more expensive option. Some types of experiences will be relevant to an academic major and thus appropriate for awarding credit, some will not. If the department determines that the experience is credit-worthy, you would then register at UWSP for the term during which you will be working at Disney World. The credits you register for will require payment of tuition to UWSP.

  2. When you arrive at Disney World, enroll for one or more courses in the Disney College Program. These courses are offered by Disney World and on their premises. Upon completing the course(s), register your enrollment with the American Council on Education (ACE). We understand that the fee to do so is $30. Then request the ACE to send a transcript of your Disney coursework to the Registrar at UWSP. The credits you earn will be accepted as general university electives toward your degree. See the UWSP department chair of your program to determine whether or not the credits would apply to your major.

If you decide to enroll in courses through either of the above two options, you should contact the Office of the Registrar for approval to register for Cooperative Education 001, (a zero credit - no cost involved course). Email or phone 715-346-4301 to begin this process. This course has been specifically set up to accommodate students participating in the Disney program, and will assure that you are counted as a continuing student at UWSP. Please be aware that if you enroll in courses through the Walt Disney World College Program, we will need confirmation from them that you are enrolled for credit before we can register you in Cooperative Education 001. We are not likely to receive such confirmation until you have reported to Disney World and actually start their course(s).

If you have questions on receiving (general elective) academic credit for your Disney experience, please contact Cheryl Kawleski (UWSP Transfer Admissions -- 102 SSC) at 715-346-2441 or email:

To apply for the program, visit

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