Research Opportunities

Many of the psychology faculty members at University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point are actively involved in research projects in various areas of psychology.

A student can work with a professor on directed readings, original experimental or survey research, applied internships, or pursue some other project of special interest. Students interested in graduate school or pursuing a career in psychology are strongly encouraged to take part in one or more of these activities.

Research Courses and Opportunities

One of the most enriching experiences you can have as a psychology major or minor is involvement in research. Your involvement in research can occur at several different levels, depending on the faculty member supervising the research:  

  • You can volunteer to assist a faculty member with a project that is being conducted. (No course credit.)  
  • You can become an integral part of the research study design and implementation, gaining course credit in the process (PSYC 399).  
  • You can design a study of your own and, with a faculty member supervising your project, you can gain course credit (PSYC 399).

Faculty Research Programs

We invite you to read more about the types of studies psychology faculty are conducting and the type of involvement they typically ask of their students. For more information, please contact the individual faculty member.