Chapter UWSP 18 Codes


18.13 Penalties. Unless otherwise specified, the penalty for violating any of the rules in ss. UWS 18.06 to 18.12 shall be a forfeiture of not more than $500, as provided in s. 36.11(1)(c), Stats.
18.14 Institutional regulations. Institutional regulations promulgated under ss. UWS 18.04 to 18.12 shall take effect when filed with the secretary of the board.
18.15 Additional Statutory Penalty Provisions Regulating Conduct on University Lands.
18.15(1) CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES. The use or possession of controlled substances as defined in s. 961.01(4), Stats., is prohibited on all university property with the specific exemptions set forth in ch. 961, Stats., and as permitted under s. 961.34, Stats. The penalty provisions of ch. 961, Stats., and chs. UWS 17 and 18 may apply to violations occurring on university lands.
18.15(2) STUDENT CONVICTED OF DANGEROUS AND OBSTRUCTIVE CRIME. Section 36.35(3), Stats., provides: "Any person who is convicted of any crime involving danger to property or persons as a result of conduct by him which obstructs or seriously impairs activities run or authorized by an institution and who, as a result of such conduct, is in a state of suspension or expulsion from the institution, and who enters property of that institution without permission of the chief administrative officer of the institution within 2 years, may for each such offense be fined not more than $500 or imprisoned not more than 6 months, or both."