Chapter UWSP 18 Codes


18.07(1) Access to Roofs, Service Tunnels, and Maintenance Facilities Prohibited. No person may climb into, out of, or onto any university buildings, service tunnels or maintenance facilities, or walk or climb upon any university building or roof, except when emergency access to a fire escape is necessary, for required maintenance, or when authorized by the chief administrative officer.
18.07(2) Closing Hours.
18.07(2)(a) Except as specifically provided in this code, the chief administrative officer may establish closing hours and closed periods for university lands, buildings, or portions thereof. These closing hours and closed periods shall be posted in at least one conspicuous place adjacent to or at the periphery of the area to be closed or, in the case of buildings, on the building.
18.07(2)(b) No person, unless authorized to be present during closed periods, may enter or remain within the designated university lands, buildings, or portions thereof during a closed period established under this section.
18.07(2)(c) For the purpose of par. (b), "person authorized to be present" means a person authorized to be present by an order issued pursuant to par. (a) or s. 36.35(2), Stats.
18.07(2)(d) No person, except those authorized to be present after the posted closing hour, may enter or remain in any university arboretum or picnic area unless traversing those areas or on park roads at the times the roads are open to the public.
18.07(3) Limited Entrance. The chief administrative officer may, by posting appropriate signs, limit or prohibit entrance to university lands, or portions thereof, in order to maintain or preserve an instruction or research area.
18.07(4) Picnicking and Camping. No person may picnic or camp on university lands, except in those areas specifically designated as picnic or camping grounds, or as authorized by the chief administrative officer. No person may violate any rules and regulations for picnicking or camping established and posted by the chief administrative officer. For purposes of this subsection, camping shall include the pitching of tents or the overnight use of sleeping bags, blankets, makeshift shelters, motor homes, campers or camp trailers.
18.07(5) Prohibitions on Blocking Entrances. No person may intentionally physically block or restrict entrance to or exit from any university building or portion thereof with intent to deny to others their right of ingress to, egress from, or use of the building.
18.07(6) Restricted Use of Student Centers or Unions. No person, except members of the student center or union, university faculty and staff, invited guests, and university-sponsored conference groups, may use student center or union buildings and grounds except on occasions when, and in those areas where, the buildings or grounds are open to the general public.
18.07(7) Structures. No person may place or erect any facility or structure upon university lands unless authorized by the chief administrative officer.
18.08(1) Animals
18.08(1)(a) The presence of dogs, cats, and other pets is prohibited in all university buildings and in arboretums at all times except as authorized by the chief administrative officer. The chief administrative officer may also prohibit the presence of dogs, cats, and other pets on other designated university lands.
18.08(1)(b) The presence of dogs, cats and other pets is prohibited on all other university lands not described in par. (a) unless the animal is on a leash which is physically controlled by the individual responsible for the animal, except as authorized by the chief administrative officer.
18.08(1)(c) The chief administrative officer may not grant the exceptions allowed under par. (a) and (b) in any outdoor area where food is being served or where animals are otherwise prohibited by signage.
18.08(1)(d) Any pet waste deposited on university lands shall be removed and properly disposed of by the individual responsible for the animal.
18.08(1)(e) Any individual found in violation of this subsection may have the animal for which they are responsible impounded and be subject to the penalty provisions in s. UWS 18.13.
18.08(1)(f) This section does not apply to police and service animals, when those animals are working.
18.08(2) Athletic Events.
18.08(2)(a) No person may enter onto the playing surface of an officially sanctioned athletic event while the event is in progress without prior authorization from the chief administrative officer. An event is in progress from the time when teams, officials, trainers, support staff, or bands first reach the playing surface until the time when they have left.
18.08(2)(b) As used in this subsection, "playing surface" means that area on which the event is contested, together with the contiguous area used by teams, officials, trainers, and support staff.
18.08(3) Bicycles. No person may park or store a bicycle in buildings, on sidewalks or driveways, or in motor vehicle parking spaces, except in areas designated for that purpose or in bicycle racks, or as authorized by university housing policies. Bicycles shall be parked so as not to obstruct free passage of vehicles and pedestrians. Bicycle riding is prohibited on university lands when and where the intent is to perform tricks or stunts and those tricks or stunts may result in injury to any person or cause damage to property.
18.08(4) Deposit of Human Waste Products. No person may deposit human waste products upon, nor urinate or defecate upon, any university lands or facilities other than into a toilet or other device designed and intended to be used to ultimately deposit such human waste products into a septic or sanitary sewer system.
18.08(5) Improper Use of University Identification Cards.
18.08(5)(a) No person may falsify, alter or duplicate, or request the unauthorized falsification, alteration or duplication, of a university identification card.
18.08(5)(b) No person may knowingly present a false, altered or duplicate university identification card with the intent that such card be relied upon by university employees, university agents, or state or local officials in connection with obtaining services, privileges or goods.
18.08(5)(c) No person may knowingly use or permit another person to use a university identification card for the purpose of making a false statement with respect to the identity of the user, and with the intent that such statement be relied upon by university employees or agents in connection with obtaining university services, privileges or goods.
18.08(5)(d) University officials may confiscate false, altered or duplicate university identification cards, or university identification cards used in violation of par. (c).
18.08(6) Physical Security Compliance.
18.08(6)(a) No person may ignore, bypass, circumvent, damage, interfere with, or attempt to deceive by fraudulent means, any university authorized security measure or monitoring device, whether temporary or permanent, that is intended to prevent or limit access to, or enhance the security of, university lands, events, facilities or portions thereof.
18.08(6)(b) No person may duplicate, falsify or fraudulently obtain a university key or access control device, or make any unauthorized attempt to accomplish the same.
18.08(6)(c) No person who is authorized to possess a university key or access control device may transfer a university key or access control device to an unauthorized person, nor may any unauthorized person be in possession of a university key or access control device.
18.08(6)(d) Any university key or access control device in the possession of an unauthorized person may be confiscated by any authorized university official.
18.08(7) Loitering.
18.08(7)(a) No minor person may loiter, idle, wander or play, either on foot or in or on any vehicle of any nature, on university lands between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. on Sunday through Thursday, and the hours of midnight through 5:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, unless accompanied by a parent, guardian, or other adult person having care and custody of the minor.
18.08(7)(b) This subsection shall not apply to minors returning home from functions authorized by any school or religious organization and carrying proof of identification on their persons, or to currently enrolled university students.
18.08(8) Misuse of Parking Services.
18.08(8)(a) No person may falsify, alter or duplicate or request the unauthorized falsification, alteration or duplication of any type of university parking permit.
18.08(8)(b) No person may knowingly display on a vehicle, or knowingly allow another person to display on a vehicle, a falsified, altered, duplicated, stolen, lost or found parking permit.
18.08(8)(c) No person may knowingly provide false information to any university employee or agent with the intent to obtain a valid university parking permit.
18.08(9) Postings and Signage.
18.08(9)(a) No person may erect, post or attach any notices, posters, pictures or any item of a similar nature in or on any building or upon other university lands except on regularly established bulletin boards, or as authorized by the provisions of this code or by the chief administrative officer.
18.08(9)(b) No person may fail to comply with a sign that reasonably conveys prohibited behavior and that has been approved and posted on university buildings or lands in compliance with the university’s formal process for posting signs. This subsection does not apply to traffic related offenses (ch. 346, Stats.).
18.08(10) Recreational Activities.
18.08(10)(a) No person may swim, fish, boat, snowmobile, ride horseback or use any type of all-terrain or off-road vehicle on university lands except in those areas and at times expressly designated by the chief administrative officer and denoted by official signs.
18.08(10)(b) No person may dock, moor, park, or store any boats, boating gear, snowmobiles, or similar equipment on university lands except under conditions specified by the chief administrative officer.
18.08(11) Smoking.
18.08(11)(a) No person may smoke in any residence hall or other university-owned or university-leased student housing or in any location that is 25 feet or less from such residence hall or housing.
18.08(11)(b) No person may smoke in any nonresidential university building except in those areas designated for that purpose.
18.08(12) Ticket Scalping.
18.08(12)(a) Every ticket or other evidence of the right of entry to any amusement, game, contest, exhibition, event, or performance given by or under the auspices of the University of Wisconsin System, or an institution of the University of Wisconsin System, shall be considered a revocable license to the person to whom the ticket has been issued and shall be transferable only on the terms and conditions prescribed on the ticket or other evidence of the right of entry.
18.08(12)(b) No person may buy or sell a ticket or other evidence of the right of entry for more than the price printed upon the face of the ticket.
18.09(1) Alcohol Beverages.
18.09(1)(a) The use or possession of alcohol beverages is prohibited on all university premises, except in faculty and staff housing and as permitted by the chief administrative officer, subject to statutory age restrictions. The chief administrative officer may generally permit the use or possession of alcohol beverages by promulgating institutional regulations in consultation with appropriate staff and students, or in specific instances by written permission.
18.09(1)(b) No person may procure, sell, dispense or give away alcohol beverages to any person contrary to the provisions of ch. 125, Stats.
18.09(1)(c) In this subsection, "alcohol beverages" means fermented malt beverages and intoxicating liquors containing 0.5% or more of alcohol by volume.
18.09(1)(d) Notwithstanding s. UWS 18.14, institutional regulations developed pursuant to this subsection shall be reported to the president of the system for review and approval.
18.09(2) Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.
18.09(2)(a) No person may use, or possess with the primary intent to use, drug paraphernalia to plant, propagate, cultivate, grow, harvest, manufacture, compound, convert, produce, process, prepare, test, analyze, pack, repack, store, contain, conceal, inject, ingest, inhale or otherwise introduce into the human body a controlled substance or controlled substance analog in violation of ch. 961, Stats.
18.09(2)(b) In this subsection, the term "drug paraphernalia" has the meaning specified in s. 961.571(1), Stats.; the term "controlled substance" has the meaning specified in s. 961.01(4), Stats.; and the term "controlled substance analog" has the meaning specified in s. 961.01(4m), Stats.
18.09(2)(c) In determining whether an object is drug paraphernalia under this subsection, the factors listed in s. 961.572, Stats., and all other legally relevant factors, shall be considered.
18.09(3) Possession of Marijuana.
18.09(3)(a) No person may intentionally use or possess marijuana on university lands, except when such use or possession is authorized under ch. 961, Stats. or is permitted under s. 961.34, Stats.
18.09(3)(b) In this subsection, the term "marijuana" has the meaning specified in s. 961.01(14), Stats.