Dear colleagues,

In January, I informed the university it was my intent for us to conclude our discussions about program discontinuance and academic reorganization by the end of this semester. I am pleased to report we have met this goal. On April 10, you received a message that we no longer anticipate eliminating academic programs. Today, I can report I have substantially accepted the Common Council’s recommended ”Option A” for academic restructuring.

After consulting with governance leaders, I made one modification in this academic restructuring and deferred a decision on where to place Geography and Geology. The restructuring is outlined in the attachment. The Executive Committee will consider this modification at its next meeting.

Much work lies ahead. Faculty groups will be asked to develop curriculum for re-engineered programs beginning this summer. They and academic leaders will work on administrative details.

My sincere thanks go to members of the Academic Restructuring Task Force for its extensive work in a short timeframe. The task force significantly influenced my final decisions. I appreciate the engagement of faculty and staff across campus in constructive dialogue. I am gratified by your dedication, and knowing the process worked.

While work continues, I believe the most challenging days are behind us. A brighter future lies ahead. Please join me in looking forward, committed to personal and professional success for each of you and renewed dedication to serving our students.

Have a good summer, and thanks to those who will work on further details in the months ahead.