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​The Allen F. Blocher Planetarium

We are available for school groups,

scout organizations, birthday parties, etc.

Group Programs and Reservation Information:

If you/your organization would like to schedule a program at the Allen F. Blocher Planetarium, please fill out the request form linked here to select your desired program and topic(s), based on the specifics of your group (number of persons, grade level, interests, etc.). Alternatively, you may call our office at 715-346-2120 during regular business days (8AM – 2PM) or by emailing to Please be prepared to provide your name, your choice for the day & time when you plan to visit, and contact info (phone or email) to allow us to reach you, if needed. 

As of September 7, 2021, we charge $35 for each planetarium program/show. The payment should be taken care of at the time of your visit. Checks made payable to the order of UWSP Planetarium or Allen F. Blocher Planetarium are preferred. This is a program/show charge (not a per person charge). Alternatively, we can take cash or we can issue invoice. 

Parking is free on campus for our guests only on Saturdays and Sundays. From Monday-Friday, the UWSP parking lots are enforced 2 am – 7 pm. Please visit this website for more details about parking options, rules, and regulations.

Topics available:

Middle and High School Grades

Elementary School Grades

cosmic cycles (day, night, month, year)


phases of the moon


 solar system: structure, size, formation, scale

extrasolar planets

motions of the planets

 terrestrial, giant, and dwarf planets

 asteroids and comets

 moons in the solar system,

 artificial satellites and probes

 space exploration

formation and evolution of stars

 the Milky Way Galaxy

 the universe on large scales

 the tools of astronomers

 constellations and star lore

patterns in the sky and cosmic cycles 


phases of the Moon

planets in solar system

exploring the scale of the solar system 

If you want to include in your trip a visit to the Museum of Natural History, please follow this link and submit your request. Note that it is your responsability to make sure that there is no time conflict between your planetarium visit and the tour of or the presentation at the museum! 

Choosing A Program

Deciding what your students will experience at the planetarium should be a combined effort between the classroom teachers and the planetarium staff with the ultimate goal of meeting the needs of the students.

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