Majoring in Physics

Physics is the branch of science that investigates the laws of motion and properties of matter. It is often divided into the sub-disciplines of mechanics, heat, sound, electricity, magnetism, optics, atomic, and nuclear physics.

The physics major consists of a minimum of 61 credits including:

  1. Math 120, 121, 213, 222.
  2. Chemistry 105 and 106; or 117.
  3. Physics 111, 150, 250, 300, 320, 335, 405, 435, 470, and one credit of 388 or 499.
  4. Physics 315 or 370.
  5. Additional physics courses numbered above 300 not including 390 or 490 to attain 61 credits.
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Four Year Plan

The following tables illustrate a typical plan to complete the major within a four-year time frame. Students taking different paths may take longer than the four year plan here. Please consult with an advisor when planning your major - some physics courses are taught only in alternate years.

First Year

​Fall I ​Credits
​Phys 111 ​1cr
​Math 120 ​4cr
​Eng 101 & Electives ​10cr
​TOTAL 15cr
​Spring I ​Credits
​Phys 150 ​5cr
​Math 121 ​4cr
​Eng 102 & Electives ​6cr
TOTAL 15cr

Second Year

​Fall II ​Credits
​Phys 250 ​5cr
​Math 222 ​4cr
​Chem 105 or 117 ​5cr
​Elective Credits ​0-3cr
TOTAL ​14-17cr
​Spring II ​Credits
​Phys 300 ​3cr
​Math 213
​Chem 106 or Electives ​5cr
​Elective ​3cr
TOTAL 15cr

Third Year

​Fall III ​Credits
​Phys 320 ​4cr
​Math 370
​Phys 435
​Electives ​3-6cr
TOTAL 15cr​
​Spring III ​Credits
​Physics Electives
​Elective Credits ​12-15cr
TOTAL 15cr

Fourth Year

​Fall IV ​Credits
Phys 335
Physics Electives
Elective Courses
TOTAL 15cr
​Spring IV ​Credits
Phys 315
​Phys 470
​Phys 405
​Elective Credits ​6-9cr
​TOTAL 14-17cr