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Natural Science Major (Physical Science Option)

The major in natural science may be applied toward a degree in the College of Letters and Science or used in the School of Education of the College of Professional Studies for Department of Public Instruction certification in broad-field science.

A natural science major with the physical science option consists of the following:

  1. A minimum of 38 credits in physical science:
    1. A minor in chemistry (24 credits) or physics (25 credits);
    2. Fourteen credits in the other area. If your minor is chemistry, these credits must consist of Physics 203 and 204, or Physics 240 and 250, and any physics courses numbered 300 and above.
  2. Biology 130 and 160, 10 credits.
  3. Earth science, 8-10 credits selected from: Geography 101, 352, 353, 354; Geology 104, 106, 200, 330, 370; Astronomy 205, 206, or 311.
  4. Collateral: For chemistry minor, take Math 111 or 120; for the physics minor, take Math 225, 226, 227.

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