Brad Van Den Elzen

International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) assists international students to be productive and contributing members of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point community while encouraging campus and community utilization of the vast cultural resource embodied in the university's international student population. To these ends, we strive for excellence in providing international students and visiting scholars with immigration services, advising, and campus & community programming.

Helping you achieve your goals

The fundamental purpose of the ISSS, like all other divisions in Academic Affairs, is to assist UW-Stevens Point students to achieve their educational goals. This office's contributions to these ends are full spectrum: we orient new international students to UW-Stevens Point and serve as a resource for all UW-Stevens Point students throughout their programs of study.

Promoting understanding and friendship

The ISSS's International Friendship Program (IFP) introduces Central Wisconsin families and UWSP international students to one another, encourages friendships, and broadens cross-cultural knowledge and understanding.

We invite you to look around

We invite you to learn more about UW-Stevens Point and the International Student & Scholar Services by browsing this website. Of course, we are always eager to hear from our visitors. Please do not hesitate to contact ISSS--we will be happy to help.

Brad Van Den Elzen, Ph.D.