​Configure Your MFA App for Push Notifications


  1. Go to https://myaccount.uwsp.edu and login with your UWSP Account.

  2. In the Security Info tile click on Update Info.

  3. On the Security Info window, to the right of Default sign-in method, click Change.

  4. In the Change default method box, click the dropdown box and select App based authentication - notification.

  5. Click Confirm to set your MFA app to receive push notifications when signing into a remote lab or desktop connection and other secure UWSP resources.

You can now close out of your My Account window.

Wait approximately 10 minutes for your change to update then log into your remote lab or desktop conection again.  On your phone, tap Approve to the prompt from your MFA app.  Your remote sign-in should now complete successfully.

To continue using a verification code to sign into the remote lab or remote desktop, see Special requirements when using your hardware token with Remote Computer Access and VPN.

Still need to install and setup the MFA app?  See our Microsoft Multifactor Authentication page for easy instructions

Need more help?  Contact the Service Desk!