​Student Laptop Checkout

The Service Desk offers laptops and carrying cases for 2-day loan periods to all registered UWSP students.

Before requesting to check out a laptop, PLEASE REVIEW the following important guidelines:

  • Student Check Out Laptops are checked out on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are no reservations. You must present your student ID card at the time of check out.
  • There is a 24-hour wait period between checkouts.
  • Student Check Out Laptops are checked out for 2 days and MUST be returned to the Service Desk at the end of that time or an extension has been used by contacting the IT Service Desk via Phone, Email, or stopping by if you're in the area.
  • Laptops checked out on a Thursday or Friday is due back the following Monday.
  • Renewals / extensions on laptops are based on laptop availability.
    • Depending on availability, customers are allowed to extend laptop reservations up to three times.
  • Student Check Out Laptops may be used with the campus wireless network or off campus.
  • Student Check Out Laptops are not allowed to connect to the wired campus network, or in computer labs or in residence halls.
  • You may install software in order to connect to the Internet as needed, and use software that is not provided by UWSP. Laptops are wiped upon return.

Directions for connecting on-campus and off-campus, along with instructions on using e-mail and instant messenger, are located on the desktop of the computer.

Late Fees

  • $15 fine per day if equipment is returned after the 2-day loan period.
  • After five days, the item will be marked as lost, at which time the fees listed below will apply.

Replacement and Repair Fees

  • Service fee for missing parts: $15 plus cost of missing parts.
  • Repairable chassis damage: $120.
  • Cracked or broken LCD: $400.
  • Lost, non-returned, or beyond repair laptop:
    • Year One: 100% replacement cost
    • Year Two: 100% replacement cost
    • Year Three: 75% replacement cost
    • Year Four: 50% replacement cost
    • Costs for repair of damages or replacement of missing parts will be billed to the student's account per a completed IT (Information Technology) work order.

For questions, or help with hardware, software or connection problems, contact the IT Service Desk.