​Information Technology Policies

Information Technology policies are designed to establish and maintain a secure and reliable technology environment for the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. These policies establish expectations of behavior for users of information technology and university data resources at UWSP.

Acceptable Use Policy

25-3. Policy on Use of University Information Technology Resources  (formerly 97-2)

Business Cellular Service Policy

Discouraging P2P File Sharing

Email Use Policy

Roles and Responsibilities Policy

Identity and Access Management Policy

Information Security Policy: Authentication

Policy effective December 1, 2024: SYS 130, Information Security: Identity and Access Management

Information Security Procedures: Authentication

Procedure effective December 1, 2024: SYS 1030.A, Information Security: Identity and Access Management Standard​

​Data Security and Protection

Information Security Procedures: Data Classification (Rescinded December 1, 2024)

Policy effective December 1, 2024: SYS 1031, Information Security: Data Classification

Information Security Procedures: Data Protection (Rescinded December 1, 2024)

Effective December 1, 2024: Data Classification Examples​ (Guidance for SYS 1031: Information Security: Data Classification​)

Request Storage of Sensitive Data

25-4. Strategic Planning and Large or High Risk Projects

25-5. Information Technology: Information Security

Payment Card Processing and Compliance Policy

PCI Standards

Security Awarenesss Policy

Information Security Policy: Securi​ty Awareness

Policy effective July 1, 2024: SYS 1032, Information Security: Awareness​

​Equipment and Procurement Policy

EPEAT Purchasing Preference Policy

Policy Regarding the Use of Non Approved Software and Hardware Resolution 2016.2017.162

Risk Management Policy

Information Security Policy: Security Incident Response

​Severance and Continuance Policy

Policy Regarding Staff Leaving Service and Information Technology Access and Systems

Revision to University Handbook re Retirement Privileges Resolution 2016.2017.165 002​​

Online Accessibility

Online Accessibility Policy Resolution 2015.2016.010

Website Policy

Plugin Review Process​