Potential Careers

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The potential for practicing geography in private enterprise and government has grown considerably in recent years, although few such positions are designated with the title of geospatial scientist. Listed below are representative places of employment (see link for a list of typical job titles. Job Titles).

Private Businesses

    Aircraft Companies
    Computer Systems
    Area Specialist
    Engineering Companies
    Graphics Design
    Manufacturing Firms
    Marketing & Research
    Motor Companies
    Oil Companies
    Railroad Companies
    Research Laboratories
    Retail Firms
    Travel Consultants
    Urban Planners
    Utility Companies
    Wholesale Grocers

U.S. Government

    Agency for International Development
    Central Intelligence Agency
    Department of Agriculture
    Department of Commerce
    Department of Defense
    Department of Health and Human Services
    Library of Congress
    Department of Housing and Urban Development
    Department of the Interior
    Department of Transportation
    Department of the Treasury
    Energy Research and Development Agency
    Environmental Protection Agency

State and Local Governments

    Bureau of Forestry
    Business and Industrial Development
    Department of Commerce
    Department of Health
    Department of Natural Resources
    Department of Public Works
    Department of Tourism
    Economic Development Agency
    Geological Survey
    Highway Department
    Planning Agency
    Transportation Department


    Housing Authority
    Natural Resource Center
    Planning Department
    Public Works
    Zoning Department


    Chamber of Commerce
    Department of Housing and Community Development
    Department of Urban Renewal
    Metropolitan Area Transportation Agency
    Planning Agency
    Public Health Service
    Public Libraries
    Science Museum
    Urban League