Neil C. Heywood

Professor of Geography
Ph.D., University of Colorado, 1989


Environmental hazards; biogeography; field studies; outdoor recreation; environmental change; North America.


Perception and mitigation of exotic organisms; biosphere change; impacts of resource use; hostile environments; outdoor recreation.

Supervision of Awarded Student Grants:  Awarded Proposals

  1. UWSP College of Letters and Science Undergraduate Education Initiative Grant (faculty sponsor for Bryan Hoff).  “Fossils Under the Microscope: A New Perspective to Past Environments.”  November 2015.
  2. Student Research Fund Grant (faculty sponsor for Emma Cauley, Kimberly Maedke, John Lapota, Ken Rovinski, and William Langford).  "Northwoods Iconography: Paul Bunyan."  March 2014.
  3. UWSP College of Letters and Science Undergraduate Education Initiative Grant (faculty sponsor for Brooke Burich).  “Dune Undergraduate Geomorphology and Geochronology, 2010.”  November 2010.


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